I Want The World To Stop – Belle & Sebastian

I got told recently that I like all the wrong albums by all the best bands. Admittedly I was at an after show party in Camden after seeing a band at the sort of venue where Hipsters and (I need to make sure I don’t choke as I type this) Influencers were judging people on the brands they were wearing and all I wanted to do was go home… But still.

We’d just seen a next big thing who I suspect will amount to very little (they were alright I suppose) when someone asked about the record playing on the stereo. It was I Want The World To Stop by my beloved B&S and to be honest it was the only thing keeping me in the room long enough to not seem rude to the good good people who had invited me.

Some how I’d got into correcting someone that this wasn’t their new single, that it was almost a decade old and came from their really under rated 2010 album Write About Love (It can be in any tense but it must make sense). I realise right there, I’m the bad guy in this conversation.

“You think all bad albums by good bands are under rated” came the response from someone I only kinda knew.

‘Do I?’ – I was quite taken aback. I wasn’t aware my tastes had even registered with the guy I was now expecting to have ‘a proper music conversation’ with (Maybe this party wasn’t a complete waste after all)

“You rate Shootenanny! by Eels. Another Perfect Day by Motörhead and now this.”

‘You got me there. I do rate all three of those records. They’ve all got a lot going on.’ – He had a point. In earlier conversations with this chap both of those records had come up. They’ve both come up here on SteveForTheDeaf too. I went for Saturday Morning and Shine rather early on.

“This is like muzak in comparison to The Boy With The Arab Strap”

‘Isn’t that sort of the point of this record? It’s supermarket music laced with heartbreak. It’s stealthy. Besides, Boy With The Arab Strap is hardly…’

“Who wants supermarket music? I want anger and energy.”

‘That’s what Another Perfect Day is for, you don’t come to Belle & Sebastian for anger and energy, try PiL for that’ – I was quite pleased with my lyrical reference to Rise and good old Johnny Rotten and so it appeared was the conversation.

Things turned towards punk and new wave and the song on the stereo changed to something all the less pastoral. I did think about sticking around for another beer but it was getting late and I wanted to listen to Belle & Sebastian on the way home so I got on the Wi-Fi before I left and made sure I Want The World To Stop was downloaded onto my phone before heading for the tube.

“Towns’ and cities’ populations up and grow The workers move to the suburbs In between I watch and go I run alongside rush hour traffic A prayer for every car I want the world to stop, I want the world to stop, Give me the morning, Give me the understanding”

6 thoughts on “I Want The World To Stop – Belle & Sebastian

  1. To be honest, I’ve never really warmed to Write about love, though I do love everything else by B&S. Maybe I should give it another chance.

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