Pity – Royal Headace

Fast and fun is the order of the day here. Royal Headache look and (to a degree) sound like that genre without a genre that is punk but pop but indie but quirky and all the same and yet every band is unique.

The voice is the thing that sets these Superchunk’s apart from the White Reaper’s or the Thermals of this parish. They’re an Aussie band who sound like that have an English Gent on vocals.

“It’s sad to say that we wanted it this way, take pity on us, take pity on us, it’s sad but true that we want to be with you, take pity on us”

You could read that into several different scenarios. Are they singing a break up song, with a group? As a group? Are they singing about their scene, their town, their own band?

“It has been our pleasure, you’re our only treasure, you are all we love”

Self referential or drenched in irony, mean spirited or an in joke it doesn’t really matter. The loserville lyrics which plead for clemency from something relentless sound like they’ll hit their mark for anyone coming to punk pop for something they can identify with. The clear and precise vocal stylings of Shogun make it sound proper and possibly well dressed in a scene full of baggy T-Shirts and battered sneakers.

“You walk around like you own this bloody town, stop thinking that you’re cool, you’re just another fool”

They made a good go of stuff between 2008 and when they split in June. I was a fan of their debut album which this is taken from in 2010. Their second record titled High might inform why they went their separate ways it might not. It’s one word don’t read too much into it. Front man Shogun has formed a new band since and you can listen to Hold On Kid and the soulful Pissing Blood (yes soulful) by Shogun and The Sheets Here.

Pity though? That’s got some nice mix of fuzzed out punk noise and upright vocal put downs. I’d never have guessed they were Australians and it’s a shame they’re gone. 

“It might be best if you gave your voice a rest, and as we’ve all discussed, take pity on us”

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