There Must Be Thousands – The Quads

I wrote about a song in the early days of SFTD called Shake Some Action by The Flaming Groovies. I accused them of being time-travelers who had tampered with the space time tupperware in order to make it look like they invented indie rock in the Jurassic Period. When in fact they were just a bunch of skinny indie kids from this century making perfect pop music and travelling the circuits of reality in a space time worm hole rather than the back of a dodge van.

I also wrote about the legendary single by The Only Ones which took a nation of British youths 70’s obsession with Star Wars and turned it into a way to chat up girls. Their single Another Girl Another Planet is one of the 20th Century’s great works of art.

The fertile ground that spewed up kids in leather jackets forming bands who could come together and make rackets like The Only Ones, The Flaming Groovies, X-Ray Specs, The Cigarettes or The Quads was truly a golden era of Pop music. This stuff seeped from beneath the doors of garages and bedrooms sounding like the 90’s Britpop, Noughties indie and the current Flying Vinyl scene 40 years before today AND YET it was right on the money for fitting in with brilliant modern bands like The Blinders, Hey Charlie, The Van-T’s, INHEAVEN and Idles.

Great Scott! The Quads made a great record in the last days of the 1970’s in There Must Be Thousands. To hear it played on the radio now in between songs from the last couple of years it not only punches above it’s weight, it sounds like the hottest new band around who could fill a venue of Freshers tonight and make it rain sweat.

The jangle pop and dexterous delivery of lyrics, the singer who is barely a step away from his natural speaking voice and the fact that this appears to be a live recording. What a knock out single. In researching this post so I don’t say something stupid (well, more stupid than Space-Time Tupperware) I am easily reminded that There Must Be Thousands was heralded by the legendary DJ John Peel as the single of the decade in the 1970’s and that he still rated it when he decided to compile his all time favourites in 2001.

That some how totally passed me by as this is all new to me as of yesterday*. So too is the fact it got a re-release in 2013 because it had been used in a commercial. Great records transcend all of that. Just like a kid can pick up a copy of Led Zep 4 and have it speak directly to him and only him right now. So too these plucky punchy Brummies from 40 years ago can run across the radio in your car while you’re driving for hours and steal the weekend from under everyone else.

We have to go back! Back to the New Wave Marty!

*Not actually yesterday if you bear in mind the SteveForTheDeaf Space/Time/Paradox is always active on when posts are written and when they’re published.


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