Drummer Man – Tonight

Sticking with yesterday’s new wave slash punk theme, check out this shambolic racket dressed up as an ear worm ‘the milkman could hum’.

The band were called Tonight, the song was a naive ditty about a High-School Band romance. So brief was their arc across the sky of the rock and roll firmament that the decrease in sales after this debut single (a genuine hit in 1978) for the two follow up 7 inches lead to their debut album being shelved for 30 years.

Watch the performance of what would become a fundamental Power Pop foundation stone below and tell me it’s not a tragedy that an album had to lay recorded in a locked cupboard until 2010 because of the fickle nature of the music business.

Drummer Man is a belter of a single in any decade. It’s not punk and yet it’s totally punk, it’s not indie and yet yada yada yada. It’s definitely pop music played by some enthusiastic Essex Boys having a laugh.

Hailing from the same Southend pub Rock scene as Eddie And The Hotrods, Dr Feelgood and Ian Dury and The Blockheads I wouldn’t go so far as to say Tonight were robbed of their shot at the big time. I do really hope they enjoyed it while it lasted though.

This is pop music, this is Tonight with their ever green hit single Drummer Man.



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