Schools For Fools – Life Sex Death

Truly one of the freakiest front men of the early 90’s this sort of Victor Frankenstein’s hybrid of Tom Waits and Mojo Nixon had everyone watching MTV-2 sitting up and saying “Wait a minute, this is hair metal with Kramer from Seinfeld on vocals”… or something.

I think the pitch meeting for signing Life Sex Death went something like this…

“The A&R team tell me the big rock muscle man era is over now this Cobain cat has shown up, we need to get on this weirdo train and quick. Leppard is out, Nirvana is in”

‘But I just signed a band of guys with permed hair down to their asses and told them to burn all their T-Shirts so we can check out their sweet abs while they shred on those pointy guitars. It cost me a bag of coke and the promise of a video with a sexy schoolgirl in it’

“Well we’d better do something with their image fast. Kooky is the new cool and parties are out, paranoia is in.”

‘OK, I’ve got an idea. Now, hear me out.’

“I’m all ears”

‘You know that guy who barks at the buses as they pass the office window? The one who wears a suit from the thrift store and jerks his spine as he walks?’

“You’re a genius, sack the singer and get that weird tramp up on stage with those pretty boys”

‘This grunge thing is easy’

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