Weeds – Life Of Agony

One of my favourite ‘straight out the gate’ guitar riffs. The way Life Of Agony’s Weeds kicks off has an immediacy to it which says ‘Off yer arse, lets get to it’ like few other records.

I recall this being the hot new alternative single one week when my DJ partner Gary and I were playing a big (to us) show between bands at an all dayer in the 90’s. It was that weird phase where Grunge was over, even the third wave had washed away mostly and Nu-Metal bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit were vying for space alongside heavier acts like Machine Head and Rammstein. There were no end of awful rock groups putting out down tuned misery fests that came with gimmicky images and bad riffs. This was the year Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction and Rollins Band all broke up because the scene had lost something. And Metallica had wandered from the path somewhat with ReLoad. Lars was wearing eyeliner and it was a dark time in a way.

Along came Soul Searching Sun on Roadrunner Records and lifted everyone’s mojo when we thought we were stuck with Hed PE and Coal Chamber as the new standard or rock we could look forward to.

Weeds was a jolt to a thick sludgy scene looking for a new anthem. I remember many of the bands we filled in between that day not so much finishing their sets as discombobulating into squealing feedback noises and long slow dirges like they’d just done something other than bore the ears off an All Ages Matinee show crowd.

More than once we faded the stage down to follow it with with Weeds loud and fast and ‘Make your way over to the bar people, we’re two for one on bottled beer for the whole bank holiday’

Not that Life Of Agony were all up beat and a ‘come git some’ kind of band. Weeds was uncharacteristically energetic next to tracks like My Mind Is Dangerous, Heroin Dreams and Gently Sentimental. There was a sweet acoustic over version of Led Zeppelin’s Tangerine hidden on the end of the album though, so that was nice.

8 thoughts on “Weeds – Life Of Agony

    1. The whole idea of SFTD is to throw up niche things people barely recall or have never heard of. Life Of Agony mattered in the metal/grunge scene for about twenty minutes in the 1990’s. I just still like the tune.

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