We Are Young – Fun. (feat. Janelle Monáe)

A posh hipster bleating about his friends and how wasted they are is not a good start for me and a song. By rights I should hate this record. It is so not my sort of thing at all. But I’ve seen marquees full of twenty somethings in morning suits bellow it from the top of their lungs at weddings and I’ve seen bars teeming with youngsters ‘avin’ it large to this song.

As a card carrying old fart I am legally qualified to pooh pooh it as not as good as (insert applicable band) Beatles/Slade/Oasis. I can acceptably condemn these days. Call it a bit of a sad state of affairs, that these fops are allowed to parade themselves on the wireless with this milksop whining when we could all be listening to (inset applicable band) The Beach Boys/Queen/Robbie Williams.

But here’s the thing. This is a proper pop anthem. This is as good as anything (insert… oh never mind) T.Rex, The Jam or Blur recorded. You can file We Are Young along side Mr Brightside, you can marry it up with Single Ladies and you can boot it up next to Teenage Kicks.

Classic stuff is classic stuff whenever it comes out.

For the record. This is a brilliant pop record.

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