Lil’ Devil – The Cult

They’re back on the list. Not for any other reason than I’m sitting up late drinking a glass of red alone listening to iTunes on random and the intro riff for Lil’ Devil rang out!

In an instant I knew I had to make sure this song of all songs by The Cult was on SFTD.

That riff. The way it ties itself around your leg like some CGI plant in a special effects sequence before it drags the protagonist (In this case, me) into the underworld (Camden or otherwise)

“Living in a shack in a one horse town, tryin’ to get to heaven fo’ the sun goes down”

Ian Asbury summons the ghost of a drunk Jim Morrison onto the coffee table of my middle-aged living room for a danse macabre. Still as potent as it was 30 years ago.

Some rock songs are perfect. That Deep Purple one I was banging on about the other day, Rocket Queen, Street Fighting Man. Some records just make you want to misbehave.

“Dizzy in a haze for forty days”

However, it is late. I have had too much wine and Mrs ForTheDeaf needs me to put out the dogs before I go up.

So there are only these brief moments to remember the bandanas, the bangles, the girls with winged eyeliner and the guys with leather trousers. The smell of the dry ice and the questionable cigarettes. The feel of a plastic beer glass on your lips and the heat coming from the pit as the lights went up and down.

“She came home with an alligator smile, diamond eyed lover, scorpion child”

The Cult were a mercurial force of mystic power when I was but a lad. Now I’m an old duffer sitting in his front room with a labrador at his feet the song makes me want to get into trouble still. Perhaps I wont load the dishwasher until the morning.



8 thoughts on “Lil’ Devil – The Cult

  1. Brilliant writeup and your spot on about that classic opening riff! Actually that whole Electric album is littered throughout with classic riffs…Duffy I always call him the ‘King of Street Rock Riffs!”

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  2. I had to go out to youtube to watch it. At your blog the message says: “Video unavailable
    This video contains content from [Merlin] Beggars, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” I like the song and I’ve probably danced to it out on the floor at some point. LOL on loading the dishwasher in the morning.

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