Don’t Fuck With Me – Love/Hate

An acoustic Love/Hate track is like a naked butcher. Nobody specifically asks for one, but when you’re presented with one you can’t flinch or turn away. You have to stick around and see if they can still do their job without coming a cropper.

So the campfire guitars are out and the most LA hair metal band of the 90’s go from Budweiser obsessed headbangers to wholesome (ish) country for one song.

“I’m proud to be an outlaw, I’m proud to be a rock and roller, I just don’t wanna be judged by the colour of my skin or the beer that I’m drinking”

Now this is possibly a bad move. Last time I looked all four of Love/Hate were white dudes… Yep. Just checked. All white.

“Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you” goes the first pass.

Is this going to be an ode to segregation? Is this about the glory of ghettoization?

“We could be brothers and wear our different colours too”

It’s OK. Don’t panic. It’s OK. Listen

Right. I mentioned LA above right? This song was released in 1992. The year of the LA Riots. Racial tensions. Bloods, Crips, Ice Cube released The Predator, Da Lench Mob did Guerillaz In Tha Mist. These knuckle dragging hair metal harlequins are calling for some unity and peace. They’ll share a bud with any side of the hood.

“Some people got a problem with a man in long hair, well I don’t care, some people don’t like a poor boy ’cause they think he can’t win”

Jizzy Pearl is sticking up for the little guy, for the different and for the downtrodden. Now the song might not be the most sophisticated way of saying it. They do try a bit of psychedelic reverb on the middle eight but we all come off the worse for it. The purity of spirit though? That you cannot pick fault with.

This isn’t All You Need Is Love and it’s not even I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke. What it is though is ‘Let’s not fuck with each other’. In these troubled times that’s a band wagon I have no issue being behind even if it is in traffic. I had a great pun earlier I didn’t get to use, so I’m tagging it on the end here. Wait for it…

This Bud’s for Cube.

Nah, seemed funnier in my head.

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