Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Overshadowed at the time by the monumental obelisks of Do You Love Me? and Red Right Hand, this gloomy murmur of a tune is evocative and wistful and pure mid-ninties Gothic.

“Once there came a storm in the form of a girl, it blew away my snug little world”

Long languorous organ notes wash around at a tinnitus aping pitch while Ole Nick whispers that baritone blues like a metronome metatron.

“Now the storm has passed over me, left a drift on a dead calm sea, and I watch her for ever through the cracks in the beams, nailed across the doors of the bedrooms of my dreams”

Let Love In is one of The Bad Seeds finest albums. It’s full of gothy little vignettes like Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore and Nobody’s Baby Now surrounding the foot hills of those massive storm cloud gatherers that book end the album and the afore mentioned high point right in the middle of proceedings.

“And it ain’t gonna rain any more now my Baby’s gone, She ain’t coming back no more”

Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore slips into mournful New Orleans funeral march of Lay Me Low towards the end of that deliciously doomed record before the bells of Do You Love Me? reprise for (Part Two).

Some how that weirdly makes it feel like a more upbeat number than it is.


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