Backyard Skulls – Frightened Rabbit

One year ago today Scott from Frightened Rabbit lost his struggle with depression. Their album Pedestrian Verse was a bit of a popular choice where I worked in 2013. It came strongly recommended by old school taste maker Mick The Click. A Guy who was old enough to have reached retirement but worked on part time because he loved his craft also kept his ear to the ground on the music front.

Mick’s name has popped up here before as he introduced me to many bands in the years we worked together. Heading over to see Mick always had more than one item on the agenda. He’d talk about work, report what needed reporting and give his opinion on where the money was being spent and then just before it was time to go he’d add ‘So what are you listening to at the moment?’

Mick recommended to me personally bands as diverse as Lambchop, Royal Headache, The Box Tops and Frightened Rabbit. He really pushed the message with Frightened Rabbit. He knew we had a mutual love for R.E.M, The Hold Steady, The Mountain Goats and Big Star so he could pin point what I would like in a Blue Aeroplanes retrospective or which Richard Hawley album was a good place to start. Frightened Rabbit were special Mick said, they understand there can be beauty in pain.

This was a guy who had been there to see The Beatles, The Stones and The Who in their pomp. He’d followed all the scenes from all the fringes from the 60’s to today. And he rated this band highly.

Mick could see in Scott and his band a truth that became self evident one year ago today.

Thanks Scott, Thanks Mick, Stay Safe Folks.

2 thoughts on “Backyard Skulls – Frightened Rabbit

  1. Another great song choice, and what a great story/way to find them!

    Saw these boys back in 2008 (ish) when I was living in Belfast for a bit, great then, cult greats forever really. The news about Scott was desperately sad, he had such a way with words and a really unique sound but, indeed, tortured in his mind, still saddening. The same feeling I get about Winehouse actually, gone far too soon.

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