Breadfan – Metallica

Holy Shit Snacks! This just came on random and really flipped my wig. I’ve waxed lyrical so many times about when you can hear the band enjoying themselves on a cover version. This one is a gem. I remember it was a B-Side for Harvester Of Sorrow. I bought the 12″ single from the local newsagent on my walk home from school for 50p

Metallica doing old school Budgie NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) classic Breadfan in an energetic and spunky take gets you half way. Then for the big instrumental section you can actually see the DNA that would go on to make Orion and Call Of Chtulu and Trapped Under Ice so special.

Of course this isn’t the first time ‘Tallica have made an appearance on SteveForTheDeaf. We’ve had One and Spit Out The Bone before. I’m not pretending either of those tracks or this B-Side are bigger than Master Of Puppets or Fade To Black or Enter Sandman. All of the Metallica live set essentials from Four Horsemen to Moth Into Flame are pretty much equally pegged as top tier heavy metal in excelsis.

For yonks I didn’t realise it was a cover. It just sounded like Metallica and it had the weird ‘Mommy, where’s Fluffy’ sample thing at the end to distract you from what you’d just heard. A band on the brink of changing everything still having fun in the garage playing the music they grew up on.


5 thoughts on “Breadfan – Metallica

  1. This is one of those songs that I knew back in the day but forgot all about. An excellent cover from a most excellent band. These guys can do wrong in my eyes, but not too often. They certainly do everything right here, a straight up jam. Love it. Listening to it again. Thanks for the reminder.

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