Celebrate Your Mother – The 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster

In the proud tradition of The Cramps, Type O Negative and the confusion of Mothers Day in the US being 2 months after Mothers Day in the UK we hark back to the early nougties for a bit of gutter goth.

It was a time of change, it was a time of flavourless music and it was a time in need of a ‘thing’. A new movement was required to galvanise the music scene the way Grunge and Trip Hop and Britpop and Indie had in the 90’s. 

Attempts were made. Nu-Rave was the day-glo re-imagining of indie spliced with techno like New Order hadn’t thought of it first and shown restraint in it’s execution.

There was Nu-Metal which was all Slipknot makeovers and post grunge po-face-ary without the weight of Sabbath’s riffs or Priest’s dexterity.

There was landfill Indie which was rock with all of the roll removed (and most of the rock to be honest) and there was (for about three and a half weeks) in two thousand and something the Nu-Rock-Revolution™ New Musical Express (RIP).

The White Stripes, The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand are all well and good but every rock and roll landscape needs a full cast of characters from heroes to bartenders to villains. And That’s where the 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster come in. 

Along with The Raveonettes, Fluffy, QueenAdreena and The Libertines it was these greasy haired detuners of the riffage who kept the sin alight in the singles chart.

The carbuncular nature of the band’s name was as awkward as their sound along side Razorlight and Coldplay. Baritone’s like The Birthday Party, sloppy riffage like Da Bruddas, speed freak punk like Lemmy used to make (I mean at the time he was still making it but… Y’know). 

Alongside other family favourites like Psychosis Safari, Whack Of Shit and Mister Mental they amassed a good support slot worthy set of horror punk party anthems. And yet this is their crowning glory.

Celebrate Your Mother!

Happy Mothers Day USA (And sorry Mum in the UK, I’ll get it next year) and welcome to Mixtape week. We’re going to thread together seven songs this week which all ebb and/or flow together to make the mood of prevailing RockAndRollness on SteveForTheDeaf.

It’s sort of what we try to do every week but this week we’re being upfront about it and we’re starting with this as our set opener.

Your dance floor awaits…


3 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Mother – The 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster

  1. YASSSS!! Man, it pleases me no end to see this here. What a band. Horse of the Dog is exceptional, but have I ever told you that The Royal Society is one of my favourite ever albums? It needs a vinyl release so I can take pictures of it and throw superlatives at it in public.

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