They Glued Your Head On Upside Down – The Bellrays

I saw The Bellrays play the Astoria in the last decade of that mighty London venue. Back before all gig spaces were sponsored by mobile phone companies and big brands owned all the tours.

In those days you could go and see The Bellrays and three support bands for 15 quid on the same stage that Bowie and The Pistols and every important band who preceded the one you were seeing that night had cut their teeth.

The Bellrays gig was a celebration. An incendiary blast of sweat, noise, soul and feedback. That band tore the arse out of Charing Cross and every man jack in the building gave in to their rock and roll credentials from the very beginning of their set. This was a band with a slight profile who were playing on a mixed showcase bill in the middle of the week.

They Glued Your Head On Upside Down was their latest single. It was fronting a sampler of their early work pulled together like The Hives had just done with Your New Favorite Band.

The Bellrays had a finer pedigree than Screamin’ Pele’s mob. They had an ex-Dirtbomb among their ranks and a legendary vocalist in Lisa Kekaula.

By copying The Hives model of taking best tracks from their early indie releases and making a compilation that plays like a CD album of new material their label could to get the band on the radar of the NME crowd (when there was such a thing). Meet The Bellrays is a fine collection and would make a fine addition to yours if you ever see a copy.

The inkies were fickle then, they’d be terrified of a band as chock full of realness as The Bellrays now… If the inkies still existed.

I’m pleased to report The Bellrays are still a going concern. Still turning out fierce shows and corking Punk N’ Soul Rock N’ Roll 15 years later.

Head first into it please!


2 thoughts on “They Glued Your Head On Upside Down – The Bellrays

  1. You’re on a roll!! I loved The BellRays for a while. Saw them at Gig on the Green in 2002 (I think) and thought to myself “oh aye!”. Absolutely electric. Energy to burn and they were burning it, man. Big dynamite choruses that Lisa Kekaula delivered with ease. Incredible stuff.

    I went out and bought the CD a few days later… and pushed it on my pals. I wasn’t too taken by the albums proper, though… and they drifted off my radar. That Meet the BellRays album was, and still is, incredible stuff.

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