Timebomb – Rancid

Of course, reggae comes in many forms.

Just like I spend a lot of my time slithering my opinions between Emo, Metal, Goth and Grunge like they’re not all the same thing. This and yesterdays Prince Buster have more in common than what sets them apart. The first Rancid record I ever heard, TimeBomb is as feel good a tune as any I know. Punk and it’s debt to reggae has been more than covered here, there and everywhere else.

The sheer frothy fun of it all though. The idea that despite the look, despite the uber genre trappings. Despite being terrifying, this is just ‘party music’ ‘to dance to’ is not lost on anyone with a pair of functioning hips.

I’ve played this record to a room full of denim and leather clad moshers and they’ve had a time with it. I’ve playlisted it at corporate events and it’s gone down as a jam.

Nestling on it’s parent album …And Out Come The Wolves it’s part of a beyond the 90’s sacred text that sees Punk survive to this day. To think at the time there were parts of the music world who eyed Rancid suspiciously now seems absurd.

Punks not dead. Neither is Ska. OK. They’re not fashionable. That’s a whole other story.

4 thoughts on “Timebomb – Rancid

  1. My university pub held its ‘pub night’ on Thursdays, so dubbed ‘Timebomb Thursdays’ and this song was played every week. So yeah, I can attest to its viability as party music. Great tune though.

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