Somebody Put Something In My Drink – Ramones

One of the more muscular numbers from the era when Da Bruddas were embraced by the metal scene way more than by the pop world. Animal Boy is not considered a top drawer Ramones record by virtue of it’s vintage. It reached the world in the mid 80’s. Over a decade after the eponymous debut.

Nine albums in, the world had moved on from punk and the band were in a bad way internally. There’s not a lot of Johnny on Animal Boy as he couldn’t stand being around the in house tensions. Dee Dee stepped up and filled the gaps. The bands drum sound and riffage got bigger to compete with the sounds of 1986 and it’s fair to say the song writing suffered in places where the pop hooks of old took a back seat.

And yet The Ramones can’t make bad albums (well apart from that Rap Dee Dee Thing, Jeez). A real addition to the cannon of songs like I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement and Chainsaw came in the form of Somebody Put Something In My Drink.

Spiking drinks was not the invention of Fat Albert. It was a nasty thing to do back in the 60’s and 70’s too. In point of fact by the 80’s it was making certain scenes dangerous places to be. To get dosed by an Arse-Hat with ill intention or a pushy ‘Head ‘who thinks it’s funny’ was a problem in the clubs of big cities and the dive bars of the underground scene.

It happened to me in East Anglia once. I had a terrible couple of days on acid when I should have been on a job. I watched a six hour episode of Batman and Robin with John Lennon as special guest star on the top of an Aztec pyramid projected onto a coffee table all the while the light switches on the walls kept moving up out of my arms reach.

Fortunately I had good friends around me who figured out what was happening while I unraveled in their living room. Not everyone gets that lucky when they get unlucky.

As a result of this, Somebody Put Something In My Drink has always been a classic Ramones tune for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed our mixtape week. Seven songs that all hang together and segue into each other in my mind, perfectly. Scrungey grungey dirty rock and roll is a beautiful thing.

“I don’t like anything colored pink”


20 thoughts on “Somebody Put Something In My Drink – Ramones

  1. I thought that “Warthog” was their Hardcore Phase? I can’t say much about “Animal Boy” because it’s the one Ramones album that I still need to buy a copy of! That I have all of the others [well, maybe not all of the live albums…] I guess says all that it needs to.

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  2. I thought their “Metal Period” was in 1981 when “We Want The Airwaves” popped out of the chute with an eerily similar chord progression to 1980’s Judas Priest stomper “Breaking The Law!” I was touchy enough to swear off Ramones for eleven years years at that point! But I got over it! Besides, if you’re going to steal from metal bands, by all means do it from Judas Priest! Either them or Motorhead!

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      1. The VHS is epic! It’s their last show [a song at a time] intercut with about 90 minutes of amazing archival/tribute footage. The scenes of Ramones guesting on goofy 70s US TV shows like Sha Na Na [hosted by the 50s “greaser” doo-wop band] were jaw-dropping.

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