A Film For The Future – Idlewild

Idlewild have appeared here before, but in a very different sonic format. This is pre-strings and anthems Idlewild. This track is the angular post punk Idlewild that turned my head just before the millennium with their jittery clanging and their layers of frustrated barking.

A Film For The Future is the last track on an epic album of 14 songs. It’s something of a crowning glory that this song gets to finish Hope Is Important in such a demented style.

“This is a film about the future, it is the future of your life, you think it’s certain but nothing is certain”

Hope Is Important was this Scottish Indie Bands debut long player and they really wanted to make their mark as angry young men with things to say.

“I know what you think, you think this film is about you”

It’s a blast from urgent start to desperate finish as the band beat their instruments into the next life while the angry jumper Roddy Womble repeats the sparse lyrics with different inflections on syllables and words over and over.

“I never realized that this time is far now it’s clear to see that you are the leader now, that you’re following a lost leader now, following a lost leader now”

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