Eat This City – Thunderbirds Are Now!

More vintage 1960’s garage rock. This time from 2005.

Loose and groovy Thunderbirds Are Now! got a lot right. They got their own name wrong (surely it’s supposed to be Thunderbirds Are Go? Said everyone back in 2005), they got their timing wrong (they were a couple of years too late to join in with the NuRockRevol crowd) and yet they got everything else just about pitch perfect.

Eat This City has stop start vocals, a galloping bass line, guitar spillage and an infectious melody. It’s a burst of energy that would work in an indie club or punk gathering at any point in the last 45 years.

The added dimensions of the organ/keyboard interlude, the sweary lyrics and the effusive sense of fun being had by all (including the listener) raise Eat This City up to a ‘shoulda been’ level hit.

You can hear traces of so many other bands in the inflections of Eat This City. Some early 2000’s some 80’s some 70’s, but all on the side of the righteous and punk.

I hear tell that Thunderbirds Are Now! are up and working again after a decade away. Maybe they’ll get another bite at the city this time round.

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