Higher Than Reason – The Unbelievable Truth

This elegant and emotive indie ballad from the late 90’s held it’s own in the heady days after the summer of Britpop and into the Pre-millennial tension that approached Y2K.

Of course this particular band had a bit of a pedigree mutt among their ranks. Their lead singer Andy Yorke had a more famous big brother.

Over a dexterously arranged almost classical guitar riff the family familiar voice sings a regretful lyric

“The shrine is located in the front room of the house, for some unknown reason it’s neglected for too long, you claim it’s not a problem but I take it all so hard, so when is it a problem? If you push it all so far”

The music builds verse on verse in dexterity. The soul searching continues. The singers voice taking it’s cues from a Buckley or two and perhaps the odd prog rocker.

“My soul is defended by the will to stay alive, for some unknown reason I can’t keep that wheel from falling off”

A change of tempo and a stirring in the mood in the last minute turns a little more to defiance. Before the still clean guitar work finishes building into a cinematic overture of acoustic instrumentation. It’s all very 90’s but at the higher cultural end of that spectrum.

“So when is a problem if I take it all so hard higher than reason is nowhere.”

The band had a good crack at immortality for the 2-3 years either side of the start of this century. Releasing 2 albums of mostly quality indie rock and a mop up compilation after their split in 2001.

6 thoughts on “Higher Than Reason – The Unbelievable Truth

  1. Another great, off-kilter choice Steve!

    I got into this band initially because it was Thom Yorke’s brother Andy but I really ended up loving that first album, especially, in its own right. I also saw them in Exeter Cavern sometime in the late 90s, it was as good as hoped, and also found I unintentionally followed the drummer Nigel Powell with Frank Turner, his early stuff especially.

    I also have a good story about this single, when it came out in ’98, I somehow got my Dad to wrangle me a tour of Radio One – he knew Andy Parfitt through various things – and I got this single as a demo off his desk. And sat in John Peel’s chair that day. (I also got to choose to play Solomon Bites the Worn by The Bluetones on a playlist).

    Superb, deep-seated memories. I have no idea why I’m not working in music still really, not properly anyway, I bloody love it. And, more specifically, this track!

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      1. Yeah, there were a bit late for it all! It’s funny, they’re proper morose and everyone always said Radiohead were, which I never found really! (Maybe aside from a few on The Bends including bulletproof… i wish i was)

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