Spirits Of The Dead – Spirits Of The Dead

Some songs get onto my iPod and I literally have no idea how they got there. Of course I could check. I could google these guys and find out why Spirits Of The Dead by Spirits Of The Dead from the album Spirits Of The Dead is on a device I own. But where would be the fun in that. Instead let me tell you about the expansive blues rock stoner groove that popped up on random in the car today while I was driving from one meeting to another.

Eight minutes plus of heavy riffing like Dio support bands used to make and a sort of proggy vocal lilt comes as a delightful surprise when you’re driving from a supplier meeting back to the office with a car full of cardboard boxes.

I’d describe this as a bit Rush, a bit Ghost and a bit Stoner Rock Jack White. It never really gets out of it’s box or veers too high or growls too low. It’s interested in maintaining a constant girth.

There are orchestral aspects, a dexterous and often surprisingly gentle guitar solo, there’s ghostly backing vocals and there’s lots of individual elements that in their own right would be mockable. However, together they make for a proper full on trad metal song that sounds like it’s from the era of Sad Wings Of Destiny and Uriah Heep and Blue Oyster Cult.

So for now all I can tell you about Spirits Of The Dead is that they make a noise fitting of a band named after an Edgar Allen Poe story and a 1968 Horror movie with campy performances.

I can tell you that at some point ‘past me’ decided it was a worthwhile endeavor to copy one of their tracks into the hard drive of the iPod in my car. And I can tell you today that I had one of those moments when ‘present me’ thanks ‘past me’ for leaving these little treats hiding around my music library for just such an occasion.

Cheers Steve

2 thoughts on “Spirits Of The Dead – Spirits Of The Dead

  1. Don’t you love when you rediscover a track you had completely forgotten and suddenly, it’s a tune worth noting and not forgetting… until the next time?

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