Greetings From Shitsville -The Wildhearts

‘Ere she is. The opening track from the greatest album of the 1990’s. It’s OK. You take a moment. I’ll say it again.

Track one side one from my favourite debut album of all time. You OK My Old China?

I’ll do this one more time. The only 7″ single release I can think of where a turd brown coloured vinyl was the label endorsed sleeve design because the band approved ‘one with the pita bread’ is now the stuff of rock and roll urban legend.

Greetings From Shitsville is an incredible song. It’s an incredible single. It’s a fantastic way to open an album and it’s all about living in that there London Town.

“The papers hanging off the walls, there’s roaches dancing in the halls, you still pay a fortune to crawl down misery street, the euthanasia dream brigade is melting in the Hampstead shade, the zombies of life they parade down misery street”

Ginger may be one of Rock N’ Roll’s most famous Geordies but The Wildhearts are a honorary London band. Earth Vs The Wildhearts is a blisteringly brilliant collection of hook ridden pop metal which came out when I was 16. It’s no wonder it’s left an indelible mark on me.

“The heating’s set to sauna and the carpet’s getting thin, My vacuum cleaner’s blowing out instead of sucking in, I drink myself to coma so that sleep escapes the din and start this shit all over again”

The song is just as much about living in poverty as it is about the capital. The struggle and strife of life in the bus lane fills this greeting card from NW3. I almost went with The Dogs D’Amour’s Kid From Kensington to scratch this same itch so have a link for that one too but the Metal section of London Week has to go to the Smiley Bones themselves for nailing my time in the city with couplets like the below.

“So now I got a brand new day to tackle in the same old way, the ducking and diving of bills are arriving, there’s seemingly hundreds to pay”

Inner City life, Inner City pressure. You can’t have an uptown without there being a downtown. Opening that glorious album with Shitsville set the stage for hit single proper TV Tan and deeper fan fanatic cuts like Everlone & Shame On Me.

The genuine 90’s rock club mega hit Caffeine Bomb and the ‘couldabeen’ single Loveshit work their magic. Side one of Earth Vs. is a rollercoaster.

Shitsville’s B-Side And The Bullshit Goes On is an equally brilliant and scathing rock and roll moment, during a time where the band (it seems) couldn’t lay down a dud track if they tried. All the B-Sides from this era could have made the album they were so good. So good they’re still live set staples to this day.

When you flip the disc for side two you get to the really ‘shouldabeen’ single Miles Away Girl followed by the double team of My Baby Is A Headfuck into Suckerpunch and to crown the album off with the trilogy News Of The World, Drinking About Life and Love You ‘Til I Don’t on the end makes this juggernaut of a record an essential for head-bangers the world over.

London does metal rather well… Just ask this band of Geordies.



21 thoughts on “Greetings From Shitsville -The Wildhearts

    1. Frank has had his own few entries on this here site. Just ten days ago I saw him and Ginger perform together again. They played the brand new Wildhearts album all the way through with the same vim and vigour this classic track got in the clip above

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  1. I tell you what, Steve, I love your enthusiasm for the Wildhearts. I enjoy them, but it’s never been my music or my band. It’s clear they’re your band and I love that. You make me want to listen to them and fall in love with this album. That’s why I come here.

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      1. I’m gonna give the album a listen today.

        I’m currently listening to the Hunt Sales Memorial’s Get Your Shit Together.

        Have you heard it? I was just thinking to myself “this is one for Steve for the Deaf”.

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      2. Great tip off. I listened to this on my drive in today. I love the vibe. It’s like Mojo Nixon playing Lucero tunes on Sam Coffey’s Kit. And I mean all of that as a compliment. The short comings in the production and limited range of the vocalist add to the vibe in such a great way. Anymore polish and it would lose something. I’m having this. Thanks

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      3. Aye, it’s uncompromising and no bells and whistles… just great songs and attitude. I ended up reading all the bits and pieces I could about Hunt and he’s a straight-up no bullshit kinda guy. Had been the drummer for Rundgren, Iggy and Bowie among others. The real deal. I had a feeling you’d dig the album… I love it.

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  2. The old metal club I used to go to had a couple of Wildhearts fans who always propped up the bar and complained that the DJ never played them. I haven’t listened to much by them, must give them a shot.

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  3. Sending me back to YouTube, eh? I’m on track 2, and I’m digging it. Fun stuff. I’m getting a Soul Asylum vibe. Thanks for pointing as always. I’ll post again after I’ve listened to the whole album.

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    1. This is one that I really wish I had a personal connection with. Alas, sometimes it’s just our fate is to be the old dude who found something way after it was recorded. There isn’t a bad song on this album. I especially like the heavy thrash punk stuff like “Suckerpunch,” but it all has merit. I love the “Love Gun” drums on “Love U Till I Don’t.” It’s all just good stuff, and it’s perfect for fun background music as I go about the chores of my day, easy to listen to and joyous even when it’s dark. I can see why you would call this the greatest of the 90s. Excellent indeed.

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      1. Glad you like it. The band have never let me down. Every album different. Challenging new directions from time to time and real growth. That’s all well and good but the pop punk roots of it all are where my heart seeks its happy when I’m up or down. Thanks for listening, thanks for understanding


  4. One of my very fave LPs of the 90’s – easy. Ginger was kind enough to stick my review of ‘Earth Vs’ on his Twitter feed. He’s a gent.

    I might be off to see them twice soon in Liverpool and Buckley, which would make me very excited.

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