Sonne – Rammstein

Hey Kids! Shall we play a counting game?

Now you can count to ten in German as you sing along with the band. Like some dark Rosetta Stone learning tool you can pick up quite a bit of German from listening to Rammstein.

Sonne was a massive hit in 2001 on alternative MTV and heavy metal stations. I’ve loved this band since I first heard their blunt powertool riffage and stone cold delivery. I also remember a rudimentary amount of Deutsch from high school and consider it the most metal of languages. So this is really playing to all my wants and needs.

The video is a masterpiece of perverse kinky teasing and dark comedy. And yet, (as my Grandmother always used to say) don’t let the sight of an embittered Disney Princess getting off on Dwarf abuse and main-lining gold dust in the bath distract you from the song.

The song is the thing. It’s an expertly crafted grey stone cathedral of heavy metal and gothic wonder.

There’s your synthy sounding percussion for the intro. After the count off. That riff is all you need as long as it’s punctured by some raspy vocal

“Alle warten auf das licht, fürchtet euch nicht, die Sonne scheint mir aus den Augen, sie wird huet macht nicht untergehen”

By my reckoning that’s something about ‘waiting for the light and fear not because the sun shines from the eyes and she will not go down tonight’. Which is nice.

\m/ NiCe a&d MeTaL tHaT iS!?!* \m/

Then you get the ‘Great Gig In The Sky’ style operatic female backing vocals and a chorus you can sing without even knowing it’s not in English. And we’re back to our Sesame Street counting song…

“One, Here comes the sun, Two, Here comes the sun, Three, She’s the brightest star of all, Four, Here comes the sun”

While the warble of the opera adds class and heft to proceedings, what we really need to nail this as a classic is another dimension. Things need to step up a couple of minutes in to elevate the whole thing to Hall Of Fame levels.

I’m told that originally this song was intended as a Boxers walk out music, hence the count down and the clanging bells.

So after that long down tuned drum, synth, operatic three way section, instead of the usually obligatory guitar solo we get all the elements come back in at once.

Warble, counting, that riff and those deep Germanic vocals. And then it all stops on a dime.



3 thoughts on “Sonne – Rammstein

  1. Pretty fantastic stuff. I got a not great impression of this band at some point in the past, but now i see that I need to give them a good listen of reconsideration. Thanks always.

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