Jesus Loves You (But I Don’t) – The Almighty

Powertrippin’ by The Almighty is a phenomenal record. A tight, granite hard unfussy riff upon riff record from a band who just found a new sound (and a new Guitarist) in 199…2? Or was it ’93?

It’s hard for me to remember for sure (I could look it up, I’m not going to). When Powertrippin’ came out there was a special edition of the album which came with a bonus live disc. That live disc was Pete Friesen’s debut with the band. He’d left Alice Cooper’s touring show (and a cameo in Wayne’s World) to join Ricky Warwick’s Wild and Wonderful Baby Motörhead as they grew up for album number three.

That live disc was recorded at Monsters Of Rock in 1992. Of this I’m sure, because I saw it live (they opened for Iron Maiden and shared the day with W.A.S.P, Slayer, Skid Row and the band who’d held that opening slot two years previously).

Just two years earlier Thunder had used the opening slot as a launch platform for a meteoric rise (saw that one too). The Almighty’s third album followed that set which featured its lead single Addiction’s first airing.

Some thought the album was too ‘trendy’ with it’s Alice In Chains down tuned guitars and it’s black album bluntness. I loved it. But of all the tracks on that most 1993 sounding of heavy metal albums, it was this acoustic build into a old school power ballad that I loved best.

A hymn for those who are done going to church, JLY(BID)* was the most grungey thing on the album despite being the least heavy.

There was no Monsters of Rock at Castle Donington the following year. Metallica did finish their Nowhere Else To Roam Tour in Milton Keynes that summer instead. And so with Megadeth and Diamond Head in tow The Almighty opened the show with the live cut below.

If you’re not of a Godly bent (and it’s safe to say I’m not) there’s nothing offensive here just a bit of a reworking of Patti Smith’s “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine” concept. If you are, Ricky isn’t decrying your beliefs, he’s just disassociating himself with them.

“Religion is business, there’s money in sin”

*As Nobody is calling it

6 thoughts on “Jesus Loves You (But I Don’t) – The Almighty

    1. Both great albums. I’ve done a Track off Soul Destruction before (not sure I told the story of when my school buddies and I skipped a day to be in the Devil’s Toy video shoot). I went in hard for this band

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  1. You’re exactly right; this is a phenomenal record. It’s an excellent soft rock groove that turns into an awesome rocker. I probably don’t see totally eye to eye with the lyrics, but I’ve never understood why people have to totally agree with a song’s lyrics to take some enjoyment. If a song does it for you, and you think you might not totally get down with what the lyrics are saying, then just don’t read the lyrics. Ain’t no sense in throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Thanks for posting; I’m already listening to more of these guys.

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      1. Totally agree, and this is just a solid piece of music. I let YouTube play the next two songs after, and they were equally good. I’ll def be listening to more.

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