Sucked Out – Superdrag

Few songs get me hollering like Sucked Out by Superdrag. Honestly, this one is a very close personal favourite. Every iPod I’ve ever owned (even those feeble 140 song ones from the early nano days) has had Sucked Out by Superdrag on it.

This is indie rock the way it’s supposed to go. This is a love child of The Pixies, and Nirvana and Afghan Whigs and I.R.S era R.E.M all holed up in a garage in good boots and torn jeans.

The intro is like a trigger warning.

“Look around couldn’t bring somebody down if I never made a sound again, In your eyes you’ve already spread my thighs and you’re rockin’ to the next big thing”

If you know the song like I do (actually, I’m not even sure the members of Superdrag know this song like I do) that intro is your two minute warning. A fat track to a sore throat and a headbangers neck cramp by the time you get to:

“Who sucked out the feeling? Who sucked out the feeling? Who sucked out the feeling?”

This song is from the unequivocally brilliant album Regretfully Yours released some time in the 90’s and retro styled at the time to throw up some of the best feel and grooves of the 70’s. In the late 20teens (is that what we’re calling this?) it just sounds like the indie dream.

Records in our own collections take on a different status through repetition, association, affection (dang it all the stuff SFTD has been about) than they have to the rest of the world. Well for me… This is Bohemian Rhapsody, God Save The Queen and Uptown Funk levels of ubiquity.

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