Typical Girls – The Slits

One of the things about punk is it’s supposed to be weird. It’s not supposed to be predictable cookie cutter riffs and posture and “1234”, two minutes and we’re done chant alongs. They’re good fun and all but Punk, P.U.N.K. Punk. Real punk. It’s freak music for freak people.

The Slits are the most punk band of all punk bands. Typical Girls is their stranger than fiction classic cut. I thoroughly recommend you read Viv Albertine’s autobiography Clothes Clothes Clothes, Music Music Music, Boys Boys Boys for an inside scoop on everything to do with The Clash, The Pistols, Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.  Not to mention the entire span of Tessa Pollitt, Ari Up, Palmolive and Viv Albertine’s band.

It tells of romance between bands, learning to play on the job, how art imitates life and the importance of wearing a good outfit if you’re taking on the world.

The album Cut is unlike any other record you could ever hope to have in your collection. From the opener Instant Hit through Spend, Spend, Spend and Shoplifting right up to other *ahem* hit Love Und Romance it’s a crazy ride.

Modern reissues feature their cover of I Heard It Through The Grapevine too. Which is a thing of curious grooviness while Liebe and Romanze switches the tables on its billingual predecessor. This band of women played their own way because they taught themselves how to play and came up with a different way of doing things.

I’m kind of glad it’s stayed that way. Stayed awkward and obscure (ish). It’s out there as a piece of rock and roll archeology. One of the main motivations for this blog in the first place. Reflect the ‘other’ choices that could be made. If SFTD were a radio station it’s motto should be something like ‘Not all the hits, hardly any of the time’

“If your radios tuned here, your radios tuned right. In at number three on the top 50 songs (that weren’t already posted). It’s The Slits with Typical Girls”

Cut is a classic and Typical Girls is the least typical thing you could hope to hear coming out of the Punk scene and into the ears of folk in 2019. It still sounds like it’s from another reality.

“Stay tuned to find out which acts are fighting for the top two spots on a chart that isn’t actually a chart at all. Up next right after these messages”

9 thoughts on “Typical Girls – The Slits

  1. The Slits are a personal favourite. They’re like a gang. I love what Viv Albertine said in her autobiography, that they wanted to sound like girls shouting across the playground. “Oiiiii!!!”

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  2. There again, PUNK is a label concocted by the press in order to package and manage the new music that society did not really understand – it made good press coverage and easy stories to sell newspapers. Listen to Siouxsie’s words when she was on the Bill Grundy interview that destroyed his career. How can they put under one umbrella the myriadic divergance of musical output around that time? ( OK OK, that’s me climbing down from my soapbox!!)

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