Ghost Town – The Specials

Hands up who was expecting this one?

I mean Ghost Town is roundly regarded as one of THE great alternative singles of all time. It never fails to grab my attention. If my ears don’t engage my brain on it, the hairs on the backs of my arms and neck do a Peter Parker whenever it’s playing within a 5 mile radius.

There was also a back and forth about it back in February when I posted an ordinary midweek post regarding The Specials comeback single Vote For Me. In the comments below hotfox63 was the first to bring up Ghost Town and it’s undeniable brilliance.


*Flashback sequence time*

Do you remember the SteveForTheDeaf Time Paradox? No? Whaddaya mean no? It was a brilliantly plotted device about how the posts are written months in advance of their posting for… Reasons. It’s popped up in posts about Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Evan Dando in previous episodes. It might be the clue to finding a way off this island!!! What if by trying to save the world I’ve caused the apocalypse?

*Flashback ends*

Well it just so happens I posted the Vote For Me post while writing this one. It’s is February 19th 2019 here and now today and there are only 2 posts left to write for SteveForTheDeaf. This one and the all time greatest song of all time* (*that hasn’t already been posted). Quite the caveat in those brackets right? Oh it’s the best there is.

This is the court of my opinion and my opinion only. My Top 50 Songs (*that haven’t already been posted) has been a journey. I’ve dug out records I haven’t played in years and I’ve deleted three or four times more than the tracks that actually got posted (see the Shoulda Beens page for some insights).

Ever since the day a few weeks back (so, January time paradox fans) I’ve agonised over a pointless dilemma in the idea of raising the right final 50 to complete this list. And then I’ve pissed about with things like Billy Bentley by Kilburn And The Highroads for a laugh.

In hindsight there’s some stuff I wouldn’t have posted if I’d known I was limited to 1000 posts. But I wouldn’t change a thing (except the typos. So. Many. Typos.)

To it then, that slow organ build, the baritone voice the the mournful horns. The (everyone calls them this) “Wraith Like” backing vocals and the permeating sense of menace. Ghost Town is the most affecting downer of a tune. But it goes off like a party anthem wherever it is played. This is because it’s brilliance is undeniable and like only a select few records before it or since, it encapsulates a universal feeling (one that isn’t ‘woohoo lets party’) so very fully and so very perfectly.

It was almost worth the real world going to shit just so we could have this record. And yet, now as I sit here alone on Mars with blue skin and my wang out looking down at the dot that is the Earth I think to myself… What is the best song ever* (*apart from the 999 I have already posted)?

Answers on a postcard please, and do hurry up we only have 24 hours to save the Earth.


11 thoughts on “Ghost Town – The Specials

  1. There aren’t many songs that instantly play in your head the minute you hear the title, well let’s just pretend that’s true for a moment, like Ghost Town does. I get Shaun of the Dead now as well. And general outstandingness. Yeah, that’s a word.

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  2. Im hoping the last 6 months have been just as productive as your start to the year. Great choice again….Im remembering listening to this, seeing the riots and thinking the end of the world was coming….

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