Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie

Interviewer: “How do you perform under pressure?”

Me: ‘I usually do the Bowie parts’

Whenever this song comes on the radio, TV, shuffle, whatever, people will make a choice. Be it conscious or not they’re either gonna be Freddie or they’re gonna be Zavid for the next few minutes. Only dangerous psychopaths try to be both. The Detective’s on many a TV Drama could save a lot of time (not to mention lives) if they were to employ my technique.

There is of course ‘The other way’. The choice made by people who are unsure if they were getting the once in a life time genius pairing of David Bowie and Queen in the depths of the 1980’s turning out a competitive funk jam which evolves into a torch song for all humanity or Vanilla Ice.

You can define those people into a group who don’t discern clearly enough either in their own choice of Music Library, Radio Station, Life Choices to count as anything other than fodder for the afore mentioned psycho’s.

This is the end, beautiful friends. I want to thank all of you so much for playing along. I want to thank J Hubner for introducing me to Kurt Vile, Dawn Hoof for sending me a ray of light in Ella Harp. Milo and the Kids at Stuff And That for being so fucking funny. Paul Elmo for being like a motivational speaker with force ghost powers. 80’s Metalman, DeKe and 2Loud2OldMusic have been my rainbow bridge back to the market boys of my youth. HotFox63 I wanna “Danke” for tolerating my  high school German practice.

1537, PostPunkMonk, Aphrodisical you have exquisite taste. J. Jay, Jeff Japp, MacAdler, Dan, Angel, A Thousand Mistakes, Heavy Metal Overload, KeepsMeAlive! If there were a pub at the end of our road where we could meet up and put the world to rights… I’d be there.

SpoiltVictorianChild you should be in charge of the country. Buried On Mars! You should be allowed to make the next Star Wars movie. KeepMeAlive you should be in charge of education. And LadyCult, Damn Girl. Damn! You’re cool! You just keep being you.

Usually around the bit where it goes

“E-dayo! E-Dayo! Bubba Bobom Bom”

I turn to MrsForTheDeaf and say something like

‘This is the greatest pop song ever made’

She usually smiles and replies with

“People on the streets, De Da De Dar Der”

The nonsense scat singing and the vague specifically relatable lyrics mean everyone can find meaning in Under Pressure. Everyone can be Freddie or Bowie for a few minutes.

We CAN Be Heroes.



21 thoughts on “Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie

  1. please do have drink or more on me, great job over how ever long it’s been?
    BTW my fave version of UP is done by Xiu Xiu & Micheal Gira from Swans:

    Cheers one more time until the Steveforthedeaf reunion world tour!


  2. The perfect curtain call from a genuinely entertaining dude who knows and loves his music. I only wish I was there at the beginning of your musical odyssey. It’s gone too quick. I hope you don’t completely fall of the face of the earth. It might be nice to be surprised by your insights from time to time. Finally, I’ll leave you with what some famous dude from Liverpool once said… “And in the end/ The love you take/ Is equal to the love you make.” 😉

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  3. Aah man, what a choice! I was listening to this just the other day, as you do, and was thinking how timeless, stunning, saddening and perfect it really is. Even recently bought it on 7” from an ‘it shall not be named’ auction site because, well, because.

    It’s been a blast, I wish I’d been here in the much earlier days but that doesn’t mean I can’t take a look back and try to find songs I didn’t know, or ones that sound like something I should know, without question.

    Absolutely outstanding, the song and your posts, thank you!

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  4. RIP to the torchbearer of this dingy lil corner of the net! Genuinely one of the most consistent and best sites I’ve ever seen — entertaining, bullshitless and full of choons. But to give your story a Psycho-like ending, I do sing both parts…

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  5. Man, great song to end the series…I am the psychopath that tries both parts. I have enjoyed your posts over these last couple years that I found it. It is my morning ritual. You stories and song choices will be missed…especially the stories. Good luck in your next endeavor. And thanks for the shout-out, glad I could take spark some memories.

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  6. You could have put a Collective Soul song here, and it would have meant just as much. Not knocking this excellent song and classic pairing, but the irony of this post is that, no matter what song you chose, the song pales to the moment. The story here is that it’s the last post. I feel so very blessed to have been a part of this, and, as I’ve said before, when I’m old and I look back on the music of my life and how it came to me, SFTD will hold a prominent position. You given me new music, helped my appreciation grow for acts that I had previously discounted, reminded me of classics I may have put out of my mind, and played some of my favorite punk and metal gems; I’ve dug it all, even the stuff I didn’t dig. It has been important work, sir, and I’ll miss it. My email is paulelmo@hotmail.com. Set up a link and we’ll try to catch up when one of us hops the pond. Be well, brother.

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  7. Snif… I will miss SFTD. Hell, I only seemed to just get here in the last year or so. Who knew that the fun had a sell–by date? Thanks for the shout out and don’t be a stranger. I’m still loving this blog gig after a decade.

    So. No. 1 is “Under Pressure,” eh? Thank goodness it wasn’t “Bohemian Rhapsody!” Led Zeppelin sizes up Sparks and decides that “we want some of that action!” In abject defiance of the laws of man and god!

    “Under Pressure” was never a fave as I was fairly resistant to Queen’s charms, but the fact remains… This song IS the best one on the “Let’s Dance” CD I finally broke down and bought in 1997 as it was the bonus track that utterly smoked the album it was added to!

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  8. Steve you will be sorely missed here in the blogosphere. I will personally miss your unique take on music and for providing great music to listen along with. Great song to end things with and I have never forgiven Vanilla Ice for ripping this song off.


  9. Thanks for all these tunes, man. Sorry for spamming with comments over the last couple of days… felt only right that I caught up on those tunes I missed while I was offline.

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