Her Majesty – The Beatles

Well, There it is… Could’ve happened to anyone“.

There are 1000 songs on Steve For The Deaf now. Or 997 if you’d argue that Humble Pie’s Black Coffee got posted three times in different cover versions and Queen’s Under Pressure was also featured as a cover during a moment of emo nostalgia before taking the (real) final slot.

Yesterday was just the run out groove. Today’s the hidden track. All the best collections have a hidden track.

I always used to joke about writing an autobiography just so I could come up with ridiculous titles for it (Steeve Notes, Wish You Were Beer, Interview With The Van Driver). In a weird way after 1000 posts, I sort of have written one now. It’s all out of sequence like Elton John’s 1970’s were in the movie Rocketman (did you see it? It was all over the shop) and it doesn’t include the fat Elvis jumpsuit years (That’s a lie, they’ve all been fat Elvis jumpsuit years… Mine that is, not Elton’s. Nope hang on, think about that. Mine and Elton’s).

In Danny Boyle’s Yesterday he imagined a world where The Beatles never existed. I almost pulled that trick off too…

It started as a way to fill the time in waiting rooms, airport lounges or sat alone downstairs from Mrs ForTheDeaf waiting for her to wake up on a weekend morning. It ended on an oily stage (it didn’t but you should check out the song). While I set sail for the horizon On A Spaceship Shaped Like A Gibson Marauder I cant help but look back with the odd pang (or is that indigestion?)

There was so much we didn’t cover. Nothing by The Shins, no Chemical Brothers, no Shakira (I frikkin’ love Hips Don’t Lie). No Eminem, no Freebird (I seriously thought of making it number one), No Ronnie James Dio and nothing by They Might Be Giants. All of these and more are unforgivable oversights that an indefinite time line would correct.

I skipped over the recent Rammstein single because I’d already written about Sonne in the final top 50 run down (Steve For The Deaf Time Shift Anomaly blah blah blah) and I ignored Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes album release because there wasn’t room for anymore after Crowbar, Spray Paint Love, Snake Eyes AND Devil Inside Me.

I should have given you a real Manic Street Preachers Week, an Iron Maiden Week, Black Sabbath season, A Skatepunk Special, Sixties songs making scenes in films, Jimmy Eat Worlds 5 Mile Menu Vs. Fall Out Boy’s Fist Of Five and more from Kiss, Van Halen, Tom Waits and Ray Lamontange. Songs like Sympathy For The Devil, Baba O’Riley and Suffragette City ought to be here in their original form as well as represented in theme weeks as covers. Oh, and let’s be honest, I was taking the piss posting Iron Man by The Cardigans but I do genuinely love their spin on that tune.

One final bit of business. The Beatles never actually got a post until today. I wasn’t brought up like that. I’m from a good family, I just, over the years, developed some ways about me… This ones for my Mum.

So now I’m done. The space time Tupperware has been rearranged. Songs are sung, Barbecues hosted, kitchens used as dance floors, cars pulled over for a bit of a cry. DJ sets were played to empty rooms, Brides walked down aisles, jobs were lost, new ones won. Dogs were exercised, guest spots featured and new words invented.

The ‘sounds like’ game has been all played out and yet so many vital songs are missing from the list.

There have been dishwashers left unloaded during all this pomp. This cannot be allowed to continue.

It was fun talking music with you all.

SteveForTheDeaf signing off.

Thanks for listening, thanks for understanding.
































23 thoughts on “Her Majesty – The Beatles

  1. I won’t accept it. I refuse to believe this is it!! I am going on vacation next week and when I return, I expect you to still be here!! If not, I have enjoyed the posts and I will make sure to hit the site for songs I might have missed.

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  2. Going to miss reading your posts each morning when I get to work. You have a certain unique way of writing about music that makes me feel like I’m actually hearing each song as you describe it – always much enjoyed. Wishing you blessings and all the best.

    (Also: I did see Rocketman, I did absolutely love Rocketman, it might have something to do with how frickin’ good the music was, it might have something to do with the fact I did musical theatre for seven years and absolutely loved how they weaved songs in and out of scenes to describe what was happening like a musical does, and yes, it might also have something to do with how much I love Taron Egerton).

    (Also also: Half a Million by the Shins became my theme song the second I first heard them play it live at Lollapalooza 2017. What a song!).

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  3. I respect you for wanting to hang up the keyboard. (Most of us are doing this in our spare time.) But I will miss your posts! I’m still thinking about your Velvet Underground one from the other day. I felt like I was at that wedding with you and the Mrs. You have an admirable writing style and I hope you continue it somewhere!

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  4. The ultimate secret track – a fine choice (and nice Bueller reference too)
    I was very late to the party here but glad I made it for the finale, enjoyed the tales & tunes Steve, thanks for sharing


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