I’m Writing A Novel – Father John Misty

Rock And Roll Valhalla…

Starting tomorrow I will be publishing a book I’ve written in the 2 months since I stopped my music blog. It’s a bit different to the Song A Day narrative I established in the 1000 posts and chats we had about them on SteveForTheDeaf but, Shucks! I missed you guys.

So please read along with the story as it’s published. Each chapter comes with a playlist of seven songs that soundtrack that installment. It’s a rock and roll tale involving pubs, indie kids, low level street crime, young love and the good old fashioned SteveForTheDeaf time paradox. There will be one chapter every three days from tomorrow until Suicide Week.

Set in 1999 and flashing back through the decade this End Of The Century tale is a coming of age love story for The Greeboes, The Crusties And The Goths.

The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Idiots.

Chapter 1 : Tumblin’ Dice (October 1999)

Chapter 2 : Bad Penny (June 1994)

Chapter 3 : End Of a Century (October 1999)

Chapter 4 : Pretty Penny (August 1994)

Chapter 5 : I Am The Upsetter (October 1999)

Chapter 6 : Only Happy When It Rains (August 1994)

Chapter 7 : She Cries Your Name (October 1999)

Chapter 8 : Sometimes Always (August 1994)

Chapter 9 : If I Can’t Change Your Mind (November 1999)

Chapter 10 : Doll Parts (August 1994)

Chapter 11 : What A Beautiful Day (November 1999)

Chapter 12 : Up The Junction (August 1994)

Chapter 13 : Cemetery Polka (September 1996)

Chapter 14 : On A Rope (April 1997)

Chapter 15 : Dancing On Your Grave (November 1999)

Chapter 16 : Hide N’ Seekin’ (June 1997)

Chapter 17 : This Flight Tonight (November 1999)

Chapter 18 : The Price I Pay (August 1997)

Chapter 19 : Never Say Die (November 1999)


At the end I might have found time to write up my top tracks of 2019 for NYE… Then again. I might write my top tracks of 1999… Or 1994… It’s funny stuff this time travel.

19 thoughts on “I’m Writing A Novel – Father John Misty

    1. I got a letter published in NME once. It won me a bet in the pub. That’s as far as my professional music writing career went. The feedback is the thing I’m looking for. Without an editor or a spell checker this could be a bumpy ride…

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