Let Me Sleep – Pearl Jam

Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animals!


I’m kinda Done. The blog finished back in August. Then I still had a load of time on my hands despite myself. So I wrote the book. Now that’s all published too the only thing that remains is to wish you all a merry one and a prosperous roaring 20’s.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

The only thing that remains to post is…

The top 25 songs of 2019*

I’ve been SteveForTheDeaf. You’ve been wonderful.

*That I didn’t post already.


7 thoughts on “Let Me Sleep – Pearl Jam

  1. Hope you had a great day, Steve. And as Deke says, you’re a great writer and you’ll be missed if you vanish completely. However, if you do, I wish you all the best, man… here’s to an outrageously good 2020 and then some. We might be ‘ruled’ by wankers, but we got rock n’ roll.

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