Gorgeous – Slowthai

“Bob shot hot rocks in my joggers, went boxing but I’m no boxer, Northampton yeah man I’m a Cobbler!”

This song rode rough shod over my workplace for a significant portion of the formative months of 2019. Slowthai is the voice of the era in NN1. It made me feel old. It made me feel though. I liked what I heard. I felt what was playing. I recognised from the outside looking in that the guys I work with especially the youngers had an eye on Slowthai from the off. His work loomed from the gloom like a distant beacon. Guiding them out of the winter and the long hours where you get up in the dark and go home in the dark towards the changing of the clocks. Gorgeous arrived with daylight saving time. A heroic deed from the nearest star. Slowthai was doing street level credible grime in the same accent as the lads at the bar on a Friday or in the queue for the bus on a Monday. He could work here if he hadn’t been sent for by the big time. The Cobblers may not be faring too well this year (or any year since the youngers could remember) but this one broke from the pack. Our strongest swimmer heading up the canal while the rest of us cheered him on.

The album Nothing Great About Britain is a cluster bomb of furious millennial tension. This track with its steel drums sample and midlands patios agitates and ingratiates in equal measure. That’s Slowthai’s charm. He’s a bit naughty, a shade tasty and still not that different from the Dan’s and Tracey’s facing the stage. His use of the cool S logo and local landmarks doesn’t infantilise or de-fang his grime credentials though.

“Five man deep and we all in cuffs” is the chrous on a song called Gorgeous. Whooo! Parents, Grandmas and readers of The Daily Fail this is s your cue to be outraged. The peasants are revolting. I like this lad more and more with every bar.

It’s not FOR me but I can be all FOR it.

“Used to stash food at Amy’s, chill, have a spliff walk Jasper, lost a dog drunk on vodka, responsibility another chapter”

OK. I was fine with everything until the bit with the dog. They’re not just for Christmas People!

Happy New Year!

9 thoughts on “Gorgeous – Slowthai

      1. Write about the war.

        Just kidding. For your age I don’t guess there has been a Great War.

        I do sympathize though. I’ve never been able to write anything that wasn’t at least mostly true.

        However, Margret Mitchell did write Gone With the Wind by taking people she knew in real life, herself included, and sat them smack down in the middle of the Civil War.

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      2. My grandfather was stationed in London during the blitz.

        I asked him once if he was afraid.

        He said, “I was afraid. But I was glad I was there. It was the first time I was treated like an equal man.”

        His father was white but his mother was Cherokee and he looked completely Indian.

        The South in general was not kind to those with darker skin, but I suppose that’s not something that only happened in the South.
        He loved England and always wanted to go back to visit.

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