Walking Wires – High Vis

“Steve everything you listen to sounds the same. How is this different to the last band?”

I sincerely though about cutting and pasting the Gotobeds review and just swapping the band names around.

High Vis though, they deserve better from me. I saw them cold back in February and they tore my face off. What an incredible live band. They played their support slot like it was a hostile takeover of the venue and audience. By the second song Stockholm syndrome* had a mosh pit going while the venue seemed to be raining crowd surfers. Their live sound was ferocious, their melodies were sharp tools used for killing things.

I downloaded their two available EP’s on train home. They were not as savage as the show I’d just seen but they had heft. I recognised every single track from the show among the tunes on High Vis I and High Vis II. Special mentions should go to A Fist For When You’re Down and Tribute**

It has seemed a long wait since February for the album No Sense No Feeling to get to us. It’s here now. There are 8 new songs on the record. They’re all choice cuts of noise and control. Walking Wires got picked because of its Manchester indie intro and its tight rhythm section. Vocals sneer like dear old Jonny Rotten but the echo settings are a little more Joy Division.

It’s also the single so I’m sure I can put a url down below so you can hear the song.

This band do smile between songs, they seem to be genuinely enjoying their climb to bigger and louder shows. Their sound however is entirely serious. It’s Election Day in the UK as I write this. I’m quite sure this band and this album have defined the national mood. Should we see change via the results tomorrow or if we’re guaranteed another 4 years of the same liars in power doing as they please despite the national interest, well…


Well, either way High Vis is going to be an important component to 2020.

Happy New Year!

*not a song title, the actual syndrome

**not a Tenacious D cover


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