Beat My Brains – Starcrawler

The encouraging news that some spiky young noise merchants second album is an improvement over the first often changes how you consider them.

Starcrawler crept their second record up on me while I wasn’t looking. I really enjoyed the self titled debut (it was an inspired gift from a nephew who had been listening when I talked about music) I think I compared the cover art to Andrew WK’s sister at her Quinceañera’ (I think? Who am I kidding that’s a cut and paste quote) and that’s a comparison I am not prepared to allow to slip into obscurity. I will be flogging that horse way past it’s expiration date.

The debut still felt fresh and sweaty from the mosh pits of 2018 when Devour You’s promo clip for Beat My Brains started showing up on the music channels. I recognised the voice instantly but this was the first time I’d seen the band in this format. The video is a suitably bonkers British filmed, low budget, high energy affair. It’s perfect in it’s quirky naffness. Just like a B-Movie Alice Cooper Show.

It was The Fat Angel who rang the bell of recognition that Starcrawler sound like early Alice Cooper when reviewing their contribution to the soundtrack to Pet Cemetery. That was a penny drop moment for me. I’ve heard Arrow De Wilde’s style compared to Cherry Bomber Cherie Currie. I’ve heard the riffs compared to Mudhoney and Black Sabbath. Alice Cooper with a real live (dead) girl bleeding on the mic is the best comparison I can make to these young pups second album. The record is varied in groove but definitely more old school rock than it’s furious predecessor. The bands LA origins are steeped in this type of rock and roll.

Ultimately this sounds like a glam rock stomper in scary clown make up doing the sort of fist in the air pump that Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot or Da Bruddas would have been happy to have.

There’s great strides being taken by these Starcrawlers.

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