Catfish Kate – Pixies

We are three albums into the comeback now. Is it even still a comeback at this stage? Aren’t they just the 21st Century Pixies now? OK. We’re down a couple of Kim’s (RIP Kim Shattuck) and just a couple of days ago we lost the mighty Vaughan Oliver. But La Pixies are more readily available to every Boy and Girl than ever before. I saw Pixies once before they split in the 90’s. I’ve got tickets to see them for a fifth time in the summer.

And people harp on that this isn’t as good. Like there was some alchemy in Tony’s Song or Motorway To Roswell that isn’t prevalent on Snakes or Classic Masher. Sorry. I’m partial to being pixie lead. I was delighted with Bam Thwok when it surfaced and went all in for Bag Boy when it was released. It all sounds like Pixies to me.

If I’m ranking the comeback records I would conceded that this years long player Beneath The Eyrie comes in slightly behind Indie Cindy and ahead of 2016’s Head Carrier. If I’m breaking it down track by track I’d say it could hold it’s own alongside Trompe Le Monde. I’m not that kind of blogger on the whole though. Admin is not my strong point, ranking things is hard if it’s not about shark movies.

Let me tell you about Catfish Kate. I mean that’s one of the songs actual lyric but it’s also the point of the blog post so… It’s got the kind of feel Teenager Of The Year era Frank Black. It’s up and on it’s feet from the off. The lyrics ramble and bumble and still say plenty. That’s one of my favourite things about Frank. So let’s look at that lyric. In Mk 1 Pixies era. Catfish Kate would have been about a girl who had a love affair with a fish because she was taken hostage by one while on a fishing trip.

The track references Seattle’s cradle of the grunge scene Aberdeen. Gambling Icons and indie legends The Go Betweens in the first verse.  That’s all very retro and self conscious given these guys invented Nirvana’s revolutionary sound about 5 years before Kurt did by our absent friends own admission. The modern age though has a different meaning for a Catfish. So let us hear what Black Francis has to say about that?

Whelp, turns out this is a Mk 1 Pixies song.

Now Kate had went to catch a fish to put inside her favorite dish, a catfish grabbed her by the head and took her to his house instead, where is my angel fallen, down at the river bottom and will she get away?”

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Catfish Kate – Pixies

  1. The catfish song is danged good, rich with metaphor. Pixies sound way better than Nirvana ever thought of. The 2nd song not as catchy for me, but the video is interesting. I heard Pixies on pandora radio with “Where is My Mind” which I do love.


    1. Don’t call it a come back! I been here for years, I’m rockin’ my peers outrunnin’ suckers in fears. Making the rain fall down like a monsoon, people like to hear the bass go… Boom!

      That has been stuck in my head every second since I read your comment. I’ve had to go and dig the seven inch out to exorcise that particular ear worm. Only issue is it was next to Pump Up The Volume in the singles box so then I had to spin that as well. Now I’m listening to Sigue Sigue Sputnik and looking for my De La Soul singles… Look what you’ve done!

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