Shot In The Dark – AC/DC

In these times of turmoil, what the world needs is its leaders in all areas to step forward and lead.

One mans community funded foodbank is another mans claxon of failure to govern. One perspective welcomes an opportunity to redress the balance of power while another feels threatened by the shock of the new or the saying of the unsayable.

One thing the planet are united on however has come to light. Despite all the left and right division. Despite the have and the have nots. Despite the old vs new, youth vs experience, science vs belief and me vs you, everybody vs everybody else that washes around us constantly… We’re all in agreement. A new AC/DC record would be a good thing right now.

It’s not to say we’re gonna give Acca Dacca an easy ride. It’s just, we’re really fucking pleased to see ‘em.

They took their time. Like they always do. The last album was six years ago. It looked or be the end of the road too. Brian couldn’t finish the tour because he went deaf. Malcolm was stricken and then died. There was a whole Columbo plot involving hitmen and contracts around the drummer.

Lesser bands fall apart over so much less. But AC/DC are not so much a band, more a monolith of 20th Century Western Culture. You can be a fan of AC/DC the same way you’re a fan of Jeans or Coke-A-Cola or Trains.

AC/DC are the band I’ve seen represented the most around the world. In Russia, India, The US, Germany, Spain and Yorkshire an AC/DC fan is easy to spot. More than that they’re considered “alright” by most in attendance.

So, Shot In The Dark was something of an illumination. A new single. Reliably cueing up a new album. Over the course of a week on social media we went from a neon graphic, to a riff/gif, to an album title, to a song, to an album announcement to a video!

That’s what I’ve got for you here today. As if you hadn’t seen it already. A riff, a hook, a stomping beat. AC/DC in full effect. And now a promo video.

I grew up seeing them tour Blow Up Your Video, The Razors Edge, Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip and Black Ice. I have moshed to Thunderstruck and learned guitar to You Shook Me All Night Long. I’ve got drunk to What’s Behind The Moon? and fooled around to… so many of their records.

I paid to see Maximum Overdrive & Iron Man & Iron Man 2. Because of AC/DC. I learned about Bon Scott in retrospect by comparing the sleeve notes of Dirty Deeds to Highway To Hell. I learned about Axl stepping in after giving up on the guy decades previously. Even the most famous rock stars in the world go Ga/Ga for DC.

Shot In The Dark? It’s great. Its not a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s 80’s synthtastic watered down shot at a hit single. It’s a bluesier affair. Slightly. The stomp and call back chorus are all in order. It’s better than Rock N’ Roll Train or Play Ball but not as great as Shoot To Thrill or Touch Too Much. It’s one of the best things about 2020. I know that sounds like damning with faint praise, but I mean it as a compliment.

The album release date is my birthday. I have but one wish. After I blow my candles out. It’s just a Shot in the Dark but it beats a walk in the park.

Thanks Guys. We needed that. Power Up!

17 thoughts on “Shot In The Dark – AC/DC

  1. I have to say, two hits of Steve for the Deaf in 24 hours is my highlight of 2020 so far 🙌

    AC⚡️DC have been a mainstay for me through the years almost as much as Magnum (first band I saw live and the first band my daughter saw live – 30 year gap). But I have seen AC⚡️DC live more than any other band. And you’ve explained the reasons why perfectly.

    Love it. ⚡️

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  2. AC/DC always kicks butt. My fav interview quote of all time, an interviewer asked Angus: “Is it true that AC/DC put out 12 albums that sound exactly the same?” Angus’ response: “No. we put out 13 albums that sound exactly the same.” Gotta be true to your sound. Good to see you back. Rock on!

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  3. A bit of a wan track for me this one – it’s no ‘Rock ‘n roll Train’, even. My favourite band ever, but like every boxer I ever admired, I wish they’d known when to quit.

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