Fast Car – Black Pumas

Sneak attempt as some revisionist history here. Black Pumas released their incredible debut album last year. Remember last year? The last normal year. They were around then. And I missed them. I heard their name in lots of the best of the year lists that music sites and blogsters were putting out and still I didn’t really get round to them.

Then the ear worm of Colors made it’s way to the surface and I thought. I know this song. It’s been ‘in the background’ for ages. Who is it? Of course. That simple album art was quite striking. I watched a studio session. Then a few videos. These guys had the tunes.

When record store day didn’t happen it morphed into these online drop things. I could see David (my local vinyl pusher) was taking stock of a tricolour pressing of this brilliant record. It coincided with the release of Fire as a double A Side single. It came with a cover of Tracy Chapman’s 80’s Classic (a phrase used too often that in this case is entirely appropriate) as the AA. So on a technicality that this was released in 2020 I get to pretend I was in on Black Pumas early doors.

The cover is a sensitive take and a showcase for the soulful vocal styles of lead Puma Eric Burton. This chap can sing. I mean REALLY sing. I mean Marvin Gaye, Robert Plant, Etta James SING. Black Pumas have a world class vocalist but they also have a band sound led by Adrian Quesada (Grammy winner, Prince collaborator, wielder of The Sword). It became part of the album back in October when the Deluxe double disc version of the album became the third incarnation of the record.

I bought that too because it had live sessions, Beatles covers and a free seven inch that all folded out nicely and I’ve been awful good this year Mr Santa.

Colbert knows
The single version
Dog in a trench coat, Getting promoted at work but then sheds his disguise, Canine surprise
Call the Fireman!

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