Sports! – Dream Wife

As a fat emotionally stunted music nerd, it doesn’t take much to hurl me back to the insecurities of high school, even though it was close to 195 years ago that I actually graduated.

Two things will put this baby in the corner quick smart. They are, people talking about sports and Kick Ass Women.

That viral video clip of the young girl yelling ‘Go Team, Go Sports! The Team! The Sports!‘ ironically at some US of A college game speaks to me on a deep and spiritual level. The spirit is ouzo. I haven’t been able to stomach that since an incident in my early teens either.

That’s been my feeling at most of the work and networking meet and greets I’ve endured. It was shot through my high school years and my youth like the words Kaiser Chiefs through a stick of rock. Why do you think I began this brief comeback tour with Sports Team?

Almost every bloke in the UK is obsessed with football (sorry soccer) and if you’re not, a standard meeting or introduction can go like this…

‘Steve ForTheDeaf, this is Darren Gammon. He’s our new CEO’s FDP focusing on PMA’s EBITDAR And the TPTPF we’re going to yield from the BOSBBFFABRSWSSSABAW808TSR. Darren, this is Steve.’

“Hi Darren, welcome to the company.”

‘Hello SteveForTheDeaf. So, what team do you support?’

“Nah, I’m not into football, sorry.”

‘Oh, right. Erm, Rugby then. You’re a big lad. Must be a prop eh?’

“No rugby is not really my thing either. I’m not into sports. Again, sorry.”

‘Not, in… to. What about Cricket? Did you see the test match?’

“I did not. Not into sports!”



‘Formula… 1?’

“Darren. Mr Gammon. Mate. I know this is how it’s supposed to go. I know I’m the odd one out here. I know it’s unhelpful. But unless you want to talk about punk rock split sevens, old Bowie bootlegs or have tickets to see Pixies when they next hit London we’re not going to be able to do this bit.”

‘Music? Right. I’m a rock and roll kinda guy. Saw Quo play Leicester City Hall in 85.’

“There you go! Right, what can I do for you?”

RIGHT! Dream Wife! Ironic name for a band of super cool super confident firebrand rock and roll women. Much loved here at SteveForTheDeaf for their good natured chaotic live shows and their spunky punky debut album that featured Fire, Somebody, Hey Heartbreaker and the mark me down anthem Let’s Make Out.

Their second album is just as lively, saucy and catchy as the debut. So When You Gonna… is more polished and even more playful than the first record. The rough edges are now honed into muscular rock. The cockiness though comes with an extra dollop of comedy. They’re a funny band. The video for Sports! shows that pretty well. Opening an album with a sort of sardonic twist on a Patti Smith spoken line

“Fuck sorry, fuck please will you so kindly start again?”

Before beginning the song proper with the lyric

“Now put your money where your mouth is”

Is a glorious declaration of intent. The song is then chock full of sporting cliches before the chant of “These Are The Rules” has beaten down any resistors to the Dream Wife sound.

So When You Gonna is varied album. It does brassy, sexy, angry and heartbroken over 11 tracks in just 40 minutes. The 3 piece owning their sound like they’re more than just a few years into being the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs. After The Rain closes the record out on a contemplative note but you take in When You Gonna Kiss Me?, Hasta La Vista and Homesick along the way.

So yeah what team do I support? I’m all about the rock and roll mate. These are the rules.


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