2021 SFTD Quarter One In Review

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Goth Girl – Venus Grrrls

Looking back over the first three months of 2021 (Blimey) I’ve got a short list of the best new stuff of the year so far. Stand out single of Corona Year II for me is Venus Grrrls Goth Girl. “An undeniable ear worm hook”

Nine More 2021 Killers Posts 2021 is starting strong.

King – Lilith Czar

Seeing as we won’t be needing Marilyn Manson anymore I’m pleased to see the job of Scarousing Industrial Goth Pop King go to Lilith Czar. She’s got a lot going for her to recommend over the previous holder of the post. Dressed to kill in a dozen outfits a minute. Cheekbones you could cut diamonds…

Heavy Covenant – The Hold Steady

The donds on this track though? They have to go to Bobby Drake on drums. He’s showboating like a firework. Not an easy claim on a track so very full of other stuff. Not to say that the six and four stringers are slouching you understand.

Scratchcard Lanyard – Dry Cleaning

“Florence Shaw delivers a flat fucked off monologue that is both charming and identifiable. For anyone who is running on empty in their cultural fuel tank let Dry Cleaning (the band not the activity) fill you back up. Behind her the Dry Cleaners are thrashing away with their best Ernie Ball strung indie jangle and…

Deep End – Iraina Mancini

The sort of song that would play well over a montage of an innocent protagonist having their eyes widened by the activities of the underworld. It belongs to basement bars and velvet drapes and places where you’re not sure where the lights are actually coming from. Crucially though, this one would work with a rock…

Again, Again, Again, Again, Again – Flasyd

“Flasyd are a proper racket. They spill over the sides, they colour out side of the lines, they’re like trying to get the lid closed on a tool box with too much stuff in it. All of it too vital to do without. Cram it in. The recording is shitty. That only adds to the…

Let Go – Potty Mouth

That polished but fuzzy guitar intro makes way for a dum dum dum dum bass line & a Daria style melody. There’s call back vocal hooks, a chorus so catchy it might be a new strain of an old virus & a steady breezy ease with which the band command the whole enterprise.

Peanuts – Yard Act

There’s some music of spiky agitated ambiance behind the first minute or so. The sort some people may find they have an allergy to. The Fall comparisons come thick and fast at this point. Just before it all comes right down down down off a cliff edge for a sort of Alan Bennett play via…

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