Voodoo – The Nova Hawks

UK Blues Rock has needed an injection of Hammer Horror Glamour for a while now. We’ve all been thinking it. It took the Black Country based Nova Hawks to say it out loud and set about putting things right.

Over a stomping march of a beat, big haired beauties draw knives up high and swing axes in glorious technicolor silhouettes while the dirty blues guitar of Rex Roulette (his parents were Russian gamblers*) competes with the soulful wail of elemental forest priestess** Heather Leoni. She’s a force of nature that Heather. Blessed with a voice that could do gospel tinged blues. We should count our lucky stars she chose the rock and roll path. Kick arse bad girl rock and roll singers rejoice. We got a live one here.

Rex slings his guitar licks from the hip like it’s still ’76 and The Stones are late to the stage. Considering he was born with tiny dinosaur arms*** its even more impressive how he plays in the way accomplished rockers do when their guitar seems to just be an extension of their body.

This is the duos debut single. Whether they extend their band to have a permanent rhythm section or flesh out the sound with other classic blues rock tropes like keys or horns or backing of the myriad options remains to be seen. It’s like they’re a seedling right now. Two mighty ingredients and a direction. A truly authentic high end low life sound. Filthy guitars and celestial vocals are fantastic core ingredients. Add big hair, fangs and a bit of widescreen dark magic and I’d say we’re well on our way.

Just yesterday we were treated to the second single from the album. Redemption is a slow swamp crawl to the thud of footstep drums and and slip sliding guitar. It’s an unholy squall in all the very best ways of the tradition of da blues. The lyric video has a nice line in typographic choices while lightning strikes over small town churches and crows do crow stuff. It puts me in mind of Grace Potter on the night of an electrical storm or even, dare I say it? Heart’s Wilson sisters.

If you’re wondering where they fit in I’d say fans of Lucifer, Blues Pills, Baroness and St Jude would all find something to be enjoyed in this opening gambit. Thunder fans, Smoke Fairies followers, Robert Plant feeders. You know the types. They walk among us!

The album will get out into the world in February. It’ll be conjured directly to the smart phones of anyone with a wi-fi enabled Ouija Board****. The debut single is slated to be the records opening number. If the sleeve is to be believed they’re going to be right up my alley. A Sirens voice and an Axe Man. That’s your opening chapter. Read on if you dare do. That voodoo hoodoo? Don’t let it prevent you.

Proof that other bands need to up their game on the promo video stakes.

*I have no basis for this absurd claim

** There’s so little written about Nova Hawks I had to make some stuff up

*** Never miss the opportunity for a T-Rex joke

**** What can I tell you? I’m a terrible journalist with no regard for the facts.

19 thoughts on “Voodoo – The Nova Hawks

  1. Favorite lines on Voodoo:
    “But i didnt leave much
    Of the boy that i loved
    I ripped him limb from limb”
    Favorite from Redemption:
    “We got verses to rewrite.”
    Oh My Lord font and parts of the video looks 3D (if you’re wearing 3D glasses)
    They sound great.
    I admire your wordweaving.

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      1. Most of us our fine as he only has 11 days left in office. I still find it strange that his minions are still so loyal, I don’t get it. They believe every word he says like it is gospel. I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life. Plus, we are so divided as a country right now it is absolutely nuts. Again, unprecedented in my lifetime. The man is insane and a danger to this country. It is really scary to some extent. But I will say this, I will miss his economy as I have done well over the last 4 years. I don’t see that happening over the next 4, but I could be wrong. At least we will have someone that is presidential (to some degree when he is touching little kids). If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of either person. Our choices for president this year sucked ass on both sides.

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      2. I hear that. Dignity though. It’s been an undervalued commodity in recent times. Here’s hoping You can get it back for your country as we’ve watched in horror these last few years thinking “how did this get so bad?” Not just the US. The U.K. has very similar problems right now too.

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      3. He’s an arrogant fool who lies as he breathes and our capital is a disaster zone right now. One in 35 people in the country have COVID and our islands docks are all in chaos. It’s the worst of times

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      4. Ugh! I have seen the uptick in cases, didn’t realize it was that high of a ratio. My boss is from the UK and he is there now with his wife and she has had it. So far, he has not. I hope he makes it back here soon.

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  2. I’m very impressed with the duo! 2loud has a point, once again America had to choose between the lesser of two evils, at least the lesser won this time. Originally I backed Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primaries and when she crashed out, switched to Bernie Sanders. Biden was what was left. I know, in American terms, I’m a red eyed screaming commie bastard. In 2016, I voted for Jill Stein of the Green Party because I disliked Hilary as much as Donald. Hopefully, Joe can bring the country together.

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