Milky Dreaming – Ocean Onyx

Sometimes you need a time out. Sometimes you, you savage beast require a little soothing. If you’ve been raging around your own head Like A Bear or working to everyone else’s schedule rather than your own, it helps to find A Little Rock you can sit upon while you Melt back down.

Swedish Bandcamp good vibe architect Ocean Onyx is perfect for such a recalibration. Take the time to take care of your self and block out the clanging noises of modern life around you. Gentle melody and soundscape smoothness will balm your soul and speak of seasons not yet upon us, hopes not yet dashed and ideas not yet explored. Recent single Milky Dreaming is more soundscapey than Onyx’s other tracks of note Fearless, Sheila and the even more recent Canvas Frame. Ocean’s voice is kindly and wise as she plays her delicate guitar lines as if she were playing a harp.

On her wordy lament Wave Of Dark Matter it felt like she had too much to say and not enough arrangement to say it in. Now we have Milky Dreaming there is enough space in the track to consider Ocean’s words in real time while she tells of her tactics to get into a mindful space.

“Who knows what tomorrow brings and original way of feeling, a new form of love or a soul that’s healing”

The percussive pattern creates deep rock pool type spaces off away from the guitar line and the synth swells. It’s like being on a rugged beach with nothing and nobody but nature and the horizon to think about. A very pleasant way to stop recalibrate and listen.

One mistake the mindfulness peddlers and the moodscapers often make is assuming you have buckets of time to spare. A light touch head massage of music can take place in the length of a standard pop song. Ocean Onyx is aware of this. While using all of the tools of the deep thought, crystal and candles brigade she’s still capable of getting in and out in the runtime of a standard pop song. There’s merit here for fans of The War On Drugs and Fleet Foxes. The accented pop sensibilities of Hello Saferide and a dash of Soccer Mommy fit in too, but softer, mellower, more serene than that implies. This is pretty much folk music like a solo member of The Staves or Smoke Fairies would make left to their own devices.

That all of this Gothenburg goodness is coming to you across the world wide web via the bastion of artistic support that is BandCamp is a further wonder of the modern age.

BandCamp is the only fair means by which musicians can get paid directly by their audience in these troubled times. So as is customary on SteveForTheDeaf when featuring an artist without a record label, a publishing deal, a support network or any of the wealth creating and or repelling accouterments of The Music Business: Please find Ocean Onyx’s BandCamp link below. In point of fact. The links to each of her songs as featured in this article will take you directly to that song, where if you like what you hear you can pay what you choose for each track if you feel so inclined.

BandCamp Linky

Music is important. Self care is important. Both increasingly so as the chaos rages on outside. Spend some precious time by the Ocean before you get right back at it.

Milky Dreaming
Stripped right back to just voice and guitar you can hear the strength of the songs. Little Rock especially is quite the gem
Stay tough you wonderful people.

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