Constance – Spiritbox

Here’s a 2021 type of Idea. What if Deftones went dream pop with a female singer? Try that another way. What if deep moody synthy spiky heavy metal had a melodic Soccer Mommy style vocal over it? Gojira Vs Goat Girl?

OK. It’s time to dust off the sounds like machine for the new year.

Normally Spiritbox sound like Tesseract or Meshuggah or Cradle Of Filth. Their USP being the occasionally breathy but often death metal screamy vocals from powerhouse front woman Courtney LePlante. She’s fucking phenomenal. A Canadian metal band with a talented and melodic singer who seldom dresses like the member of a brutal thrash metal band but could holler Slipknot out of the room if the mood took her. The dexterity of the band works just as deftly if she’s singing melodically or throat shredding like Tom Araya. Check out the video for Belcarra below for my points to be made all in the same track.

Constance is a bit of a departure for the death metal growl and metallic discord I associated with this band. It’s got more in common with Bat For Lashes than Bathory. The weight of the bands muscle is evident. Their restraint is admirable too. Spiritbox reign themselves in but still sound like Spiritbox on this elegiac beauty of a track. Somehow I’d missed the new direction posted earlier in 2020 with Machine Head/Pale Wave mash up Blessed Be. The devil throated section was still there but we had to wait until the last minute of the song. So all itches got scratched.

If you like the thrash and harmony of the tracks below rest assured there are many an outlet and blogalogger citing Spiritbox as the ones to watch this year. There’s no full studio album out yet but there are 9 high quality singles of varying levels of thrash to progressive metal to find on YouTube and streaming services. The band seem to have their shit together on the merch front. You can by more variants of Spiritbox branded coffee beans from their website than you can actual hard copies of their music. That’s a sign of something I’m sure. I’d call it out as a bit off if the music weren’t so damned good and hey, what do I know? Bands gotta make coin what ever way they can these days right?

So, Linky I guess.

I’m gonna throw in recent single Holy Roller (feat Ryo Kinoshita) video beneath the line too. I’ll also mention that LePlante and her Bandmate and husband Mike Stringer used to be in a band called I Wrestled A Bear Once. So that name is too good to just walk past unreferenced. Right! If you like your metal how you like your coffee it may as well have the ground souls of holy crusaders sprinkled in it right?


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