Shortcummings – Sleaford Mods

I got the impression when it was being discussed before it’s release that the latest Sleaford Mods record would be a collection of outtakes and B-Sides. A side quest for fans. I admired the band but considered myself far from a completeist. It’s been with us a fair old while now and it’s safe to say I utterly underestimated this record. I am a dolt.

OK maybe I wasn’t paying full attention. Then Billy Nomates and Mork N’ Mindy rose up through the ranks and I realised this isn’t some jumble sale leftovers. This is the best stuff the band have put out to date. Spare Ribs is a real boy of an album and I should listen closer to my podcasts when I’m scouting for new music. I’d say Spare Ribs is a step up for Jason and Andrew. Not that they’ve been half arsing it up to here. Their sparse, raw music and lyrics have had increasing potency over the last decade as their reputation, their chops, their arsenal of songs build and build and build (six proper albums but there’s loads of other stuff out there). Maybe, though. Maybe it’s the times that have caught up with the bands sound.

“When did I get so fucking down on my knees?”

Shortcummings is bang on the money lyrically. It’s also entirely 2021 in it’s sound. Riffed out like an isolated bass track from a different song the urgent picking of fat low strings behind relatively gentle bleeps and blips gives ample space for Jason to do his Jason thing.

The band are right. We are all Tory-Tired in this country. Sick of the arrogance and incompetence of the ruling class. Our eyes may have been on the USA for the last few months while we waited to see if that ship would stay afloat. And yet back home, right under our noses we have a dumpster fire of our own to deal with. And it reeks.

Once again I’m reminded of what my old mate Doug said in 2016. The Brexit Vote and Trump both went from absurdist impossibilities one minute to stark ‘Oh fukkeries’ the next. He took off to the bar during a heated pub debate about how things were definitely turning for the worse and parted with “The only bright side I can see out of any of this is, it’s going to piss off so many artists, we’re due a wave of magnificent music a few years from now”

“He’s gonna get all his dreams, he’s got short, short, short, short, shortcummings”

Come the revolution, we’re going to have a hell of a playlist.

4 thoughts on “Shortcummings – Sleaford Mods

  1. great set of words, to this day, how did it happen, everyone in Europe was moving sweetly, then, brexit, how did they vote for this; they didn’t vote, they left it to extremists, on the bright side, the New Britain will recall eric clapton and others, and say, lets get back to that, amen

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  2. Brilliant stuff. My mate pointed me towards the Sleaford Mods a few years ago (very enthusiastic pointing, I should add… like there was a monster behind me). He assured me they were amazing… prior to that I had only heard them on a Prodigy record (arguably the best song on the record). Anyhoo, this is glorious.

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