Mothra Vs We Are Scientists – We Are Scientists

If you’re going to imagine your band doing some B-Movie action why not call in one of the big names of the genre? We Are Scientists are another rock band with a core duo who have paid tribute to the supporting feature. Godzilla’s old sparring partner Mothra gets to know what it feels like to be Pitbull for once on the imagined anthem for the movie dozens of us would pay to see.

“We can’t stop him even though we try, breathing fire, flying, what a guy and we ride…

If ever a throw away three and a bit minutes punk song deserved a big budget (well, mid budget) video it’s this little ditty. Sitting in the middle of the bands 2002 debut album Safety, Fun And Learning (In That Order) Mothra’s moment in rock and roll history was cemented. Well, hardly. The band have sort of disowned SFL(ITO) a little since it’s release. They consider it a collection of demo recordings. Not their real debut at all. Their real debut With Love And Squalor is chock full of genuine hits like Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt, The Great Escape and Cash Cow (well, and there’s a song on there called It’s a Hit so yeah, Chock Full!)

“He broke my best china and killed a man, then he ate a sandwich, it was ham and we ride…”

They’re a great band. Good fun live shows. They can do urgent noughties pop punk and more introspective indie like their second (THIRD!) album and it’s excellent single After Hours. Album number (two!) three had the delicious title Brain Thrust Mastery. That’s it. That’s the nugget of info I wanted to share on album number three (two!). Good tunes, brilliant album title.

“And we ride…’Cause it’s Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists”

Back to safety Fun And Learning (In That Order) and to Mothra Vs We Are Scientists. There is a long and noble tradition of rock bands doing a track with their own name in the title. First off we have to acknowledge the big three. Iron Maiden, Motörhead and Black Sabbath all do the triple. Band Name, Album, Song (that’s the safety covered). Then you’ve got bands like Atari teenage Riot, Bad Religion and They Might Be Giants who all pull the same trick (Learning sorted) things like Fall Out Boys post ironic I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song (not very safe? Who knows. Fun? Probably) and the manic chaos that stops things being (brackets) In That Order when you think about bands like Dog Eat Dog releasing an album called Warrant because Warrant Released a record called Dog Eat Dog. Mötley Crüe released a single called Primal Scream but Primal Scream covered Motorhead, which is a Hawkwind song. So it get’s messy.

Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists, Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists, Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists”

Frank Turner called out the Kiss bass demon in Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons, The Replacements sang about Big Star’s Alex Chilton, Ginger Wildheart declared Only Henry Rollins San Save Us Now and Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah just wanted to go home so they could listen To The Ramones. It’s getting like Avengers Assemble in here before we’ve discussed Weezer singing a tribute to Beach Boys and Bare Naked Ladies doing one about Brian Wilson. Syd Barret, David Bowie and Fall Out Boy (can’t they just behave?) all recorded songs about Bob Dylan. There’s The Mountain Goats singing about The Last Day Of Jimi Hendrix’s Life, Tenacious D praising Dio, The House of Love with The Beatles And The Stones (they never got it off with their revolution stuff). Drake has songs about Madonna and how Girls Love Beyonce. Warpaint have one about Dre. Eminem Forgot About Dre (or was that the motherfuckers? I forget) So there is nothing wrong with We Are Scientists mentioning themselves when they are about to do battle with a Kaiju the scale of Mothra.

OK. That got out of hand.


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