30 Days In The Hole – The Black Crowes

“Alright alright alright!”

As the expanded and re-granded (its a word) edition of $hake Your Money Maker moves ever closer to trying to coax open the wallets of cash strapped rock and roll fans from that shelf behind the counter of record shops, we are treated to another sneak peek at the extras. This time it’s a cover of Humble Pie’s stone cold classic 30 Days In The Hole. It’s an odd (and somewhat shameful) fact that Humble Pie usually appear on SteveForTheDeaf as donors for cover versions or as a byword or point of reference for world class rockin’ good blues, as opposed to being here in their original intended form. Playing their own music. The Black Coffee Blues Trilogy was their only honest to Betsy appearance on here.

This slice of Pie was available in the US only as a 7″ serving back in 1972, 30 Days In The Hole is a show piece of a song. It’s got space to let the whole band do their thing, it’s got cool backing vocals and more bridges than the river Thames. It’s no wonder The Black Crowes were so often compared to them in their early days. This track was part of the live set back then though. When a new band is elevated to headline status on their first LP it makes a lot of sense to have some crowd pleasing classic covers in the encore that rely on favourable comparisons to the original artist. The easy breezy blues based charm of this band in their prime drips from this previously unreleased cover. Recorded as a potential B-Side it sat on ice until the very end of days. Now at last. We have it. Greasy whores and the weak at the knees alike, you may rejoice. This ode to getting busted and doing porridge for possession is ready to stand along side other versions of this very song by Ace Frehley, The Trews, Gov’t Mule and Mr Big. By stand alongside I do mean trounce into the dirt by the way. This song is all about the Crowes & the Pie.

The other cover track to have slipped out ahead of the Deluxe Redux is a cover of John Lennon’s Jealous Guy. It’s given a bar room boogie treatment as opposed to the full on hippy vibe but Chris sounds awesome on it. In the years since they hit record on their first hit record it has become apparent how much the guys in the band love covering the big tunes. Obviously their cover of Otis Redding got their MTV ball rolling. Money Maker’s biggest hit was a cover. They’ve also done stuff with Jimmy Page covering a tranche of Led Zeppelin (if you haven’t check out Live At The Greek), they’ve done Bob Marley on The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion. They’ve covered The Band, Joe Cocker, The Stones, Dylan, The Yardbirds, B.B. King and loads of other rock and soul legends. While Brother Rich’s band The Magpie Salute have had a crack at 30 Days in their own right Brother Chris and his band have ventured into versions of Jimmy Reed, The Grateful Dead and Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes. So you know. Ain’t no *ahem* thang.

To hear the greatest American rock and roll revue band of the 1990’s sing about Newcastle Brown and The Highway Code though is a nice touch for an English fan. Fee Fi Foe Thumb. I get impression I’m going to have to pony up for this one.


10 thoughts on “30 Days In The Hole – The Black Crowes

  1. As hard as I try I just can’t get excited about super duper Shake Your Money Maker. Still, I do like 30 Days in the Hole. I’m lining up some Humble Pie! Yassss!

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