Good Grief – Cleopatrick

Ohhh yes. Nice bit of scrungey fuzzy punk. Two young pups. Ian and Luke get together via a love of AC/DC and form a band that echoes Royal Blood, Poseable Action Figures and Bob Vylan’s kind of flanged out fuckless (as in none to give) stoner blues.

“Man, I shoulda cut, but I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, lowlife phonies so corrupt, I was speaking my disgust and lost my lips, fought fibs, went buck”

Good Grief has the good grace to come with a video that provides subtitles. So you can appreciate the quality of what I’d call a decent set of lyrics if they’re not clear through the garbled jumble jaw and fuzzed out riffing. Cleopatrick have seen many a comparison to Catfish and The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys. I think they’re a bit edgier than that on first impressions. I’m getting a Slaves/Honeyblood vibe here too and that’s why I’m sticking around. You can hear them be more melodic on their early part of 2020 single Hometown (video also below) but by the end of the year they were considerably more agitated. I think we can all relate. Not that Hometown doesn’t fuzz and clang and boom. It does. But Good Grief. It’s not just looking for trouble. It is trouble.

“She told me she got heat so I froze, sent images to my phone that’s when I lost my composure, she was fully exposed and I was only supposed to take a look, then dispose of ’em, but the contents enclosed remitted all self-control, I said, uh”

How horridly candid and icky. These Canadian riff raffers have some top tunes in the bag. Check out Daphne Did It and their EP The Boys for the full Black Keys meets Black Flag vibe. They’ve got a hilariously retro website that might stylistically be older then the band members. We’re at that stage in life. Where Website retro is a thing with a deep enough history it can look deliberate and not just like poor digital house keeping. These Canadian lads have something in the way they verbalise that reminds me of UK noughties indie cross over hit maker Jamie T too. It’s all in the eeeeelongated vowels. Gooood Griiieeeeef

Website Linky

I think Luke and Ian from Ontario Canada have a chance to see the world coming up. If they keep making grief this good they can have it all.


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