Power To The People – Durand Jones & The Indications

Mellow righteousness is quite possibly the best kind of righteousness. If you’re not down with the sentiments of Power To The People. You’re just not very nice.

A slow steady groove of just percussion and fuzzzzzzzy deep notes rises out of my speakers like it’s always been there and I’ve only just tuned into it. There’s chimes and ohhhh’s before Durand does his 70’s Motown impression to synthy wobbles and the reprise of that fuzzzz. It’s a Whats’ Going On tribute in all but name. It’s also a lovely spot to visit.

Dr Jones and The Indications have a mighty righty reputation for being the go to vendors of hot buttered soul in the new 20’s. If Black Pumas and Childish Gambino are a bit full on for you. If you wish Fantastic Negrito would calm it down a tad, all Indications are this band is for you.

This isn’t just a retro tribute thing though. A bit like Pokey LaFarge went overboard with the stylistics before I could take him seriously as the voice with something to say. Durand Jones is more than a lovely voice and some easy vibes. It’s important to be able to wind down. Taking time to regroup should not be a luxury. Mrs ForTheDeaf and I played Durand’s 2019 album American Love Call while having a lockdown date night in the dining room. It involved drinking a nice bottle of red and failing to understand the rules of a new board game. So, y’know. We’re still rock and roll animals at heart.

This track is the latest single from the band. Released last year, it only found me in the long cold winter of early 2021. I’m very pleased it did. I recall Is it Any Wonder? from a couple of albums back doing the rounds and the both of us digging that. I believe that was from the album before American Love Call. So I have some homework to do.

I’m not presenting myself as an authority on this band but I had noticed this. There is more than one singer, in this act. Smooth soulful vocals in every instance for sure, now I’ve looked them up on YouTube I can see I was right. The voice on True Love and the voice on Is It Any Wonder? are two different vocalists, Durrand for the first one, his foil and Drummer Aaron Frazer the other. What talent can lay in one small band of twenty something musos? They’re like a soulful Foo Fighters. The Drummer Can SING! This band are immense.

More power to ’em. More power to all of us.


7 thoughts on “Power To The People – Durand Jones & The Indications

  1. “…while having a lockdown date night in the dining room. It involved drinking a nice bottle of red and failing to understand the rules of a new board game.” So relatable.

    This is awesome music. Long live date night!

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  2. Yes to this, man – I got into these guys last year and while I haven’t gone beyond American Love Call, I reckon it wont be too long. Drummer lad Frazer’s album (Introducing… Aaron Frazer) is quite something, too.

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