Let Go – Potty Mouth

Remember Potty Mouth? I don’t mean the phrase. I mean the band. I had a fling with them back in 2018 when I caught up with The Spins. I kept coming back to that album Hell Bent and their newer release SNAFU (2019) is right up my alley. They do that Joan Jett debt repayment punk that fans of The Dollyrots, The Donnas and The Muffs hold so dear.

Let Go is taken from an unusual release. A compilation album on which five bands submit two tracks a piece. The record is called Sunday, Someday (A Compilation Album Of Friends Who Meet On Sundays) and besides Potty Mouth it also features Nervus, Full On Mone’t, Solstice Rey and KOJI. Four bands I know nothing about at all expect the fact they were all supposed to tour together before the world ended. So many of my posts these days acknowledge the plight of mid-level, indie bands trying to survive in a world that won’t let them do what they need to do to keep afloat. This one however has a more direct purpose than just putting food on the table at Potty Mouth Mansions. All proceeds from Sunday, Someday will got to fund a surgery required by one of the band members. The plan is to raise awareness and funds through the release and to get the readies ready to aid one of the band to transition.

So to the song itself. To hear Let Go in context you have to understand the band left the slightly off key lo-fi garage rock of Hell Bent and The Spins behind when they moved up a gear or two on the road to SNAFU. Their sound got a brand new shine that put them entirely in the suitable for a PS2 Tony Hawk game soundtrack bracket. They could have played the Warped Tour under Fall Out Boy were it not for the fact they were actually doing Lollapalooza under Lana Del Ray. Which brings one of the most accurate comparisons to the fore. Potty Mouth don’t sound like Hole but they do sound like the bands Hole opened the door for. Veruca Salt is the first name off the top of the head. Sleater Kinney too. This Massachusetts band have grafted hard the last decade and found a sound that has gone from scrappy kid band fighting for your attention with hooks and ‘tude to a slick polished 90’s or early 2000’s style MTV dream act. That polished but fuzzy guitar intro makes way for a dum dum dum dum bass line and a Daria style melody.

“Nobody’s perfect, people are perfect for each other, are you worth it? Or are you like any other? If you love something they say “let it go” The meanings always changing”

There’s call back vocal hooks, a chorus so catchy it might be a new strain and a steady breezy ease with which the band command the whole enterprise. It doesn’t even fake an ending. The riff tidies itself up nicely at the end in the sort of way that says ‘That’s it, we did what we came to do’. Until such a time as we can all be together before a stage listening to great bands each wield their unique unifying magic, songs like Let Go can keep us all in the light. Striving for the time that feels like it may yet never come. When everything feels as it should.

“So love me how you want to, ‘Cause I know that you need to”

Let Go promises great things are still to come for Potty Mouth, Someday.


4 thoughts on “Let Go – Potty Mouth

  1. I like their sound. Adding them to next year’s Women’s Music March. Question: do you ever share your reviews with the bands you write about? I think you should. You know your stuff and I think they would appreciate what you say.

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