Weatherman – Dead Sara

I have known this song for so long but never known who it was by. Finally! It is revealed to me. Dead Sara! A decade old indie rock hit by a band I have almost entirely missed out on except for hearing this a few times in 2012 or somewhere and thinking to myself ‘That girl can wail Man, what a rock and roll voice’

Totally randomly the song pops back into view thanks to the ex-vice president* and I get all sorts of time slip recall recall recall type vibes. It’s as if Sharon Stone just tried to strangle me in lyrca (insert Steady Gentlemen GIF) Right let’s hit the research section of the rock and roll archaeology library. DEAD SARA!

The tracks got one of those peeled off riffs that leads you in before the drums take a hold and everything else drops away. It’s sort of reminiscent of Tom Morello doing Tony Iommi with a pinch of Jane’s Addiction (if I may be so bold). Then comes the voice. It’s a proper rock scream. Like Grace Slick or Body Dalle in some ways. It’s a unique voice though not a copy cat act. That’s why the track stood out to me back in the decade or so ago when I first heard it. No other band sounds quite like Dead Sara.

“His skin was soft as leather, I’m the weatherman, no one else more dedicated I’m the weatherman”

If it’s about the dedication of television meteorologists I have to say they know more about the topic than I. My only frame of reference is Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day and that one Nic Cage film by the guy who made Pirates Of The Caribbean.

“Well, hey Kid you got the right, but the choice to kill no, son of Sam will let you in to turn against addicted to the love of ourselves”

This track was a bit of a hit. It was in 2012 (thank you grey matter). It was in a car advert and it won best track of the year on the Loudwire website, which must have gone into my dense brain at some point. That voice belongs to Emily Armstrong. The rest of the band are made up of a Chris, a Sean and a Siouxsie (which really is the most complicated way to spell Suzy but very rock and roll). Weatherman was on their eponymous debut album in that Olympic year. They’re an LA band so most of them have Actor and Musician on their CV. they’ve toured with bands as synonymous with the post millennial teens as Chevelle, The Used, Three Days Grace and Muse. That debut album yielded 3 other singles. I don’t think I ever heard any of them. The record was also followed by a second long player in 2014. It was titled Pleasure To Meet You. Which seems an odd name for a second album if you’ve got nothing else to go on.

“So go for the kill, Cause no one else cares, go for the kill, go for the kill, go for the kill”

After that there were a couple of EP’s and as recently as last year there was an online single called Hands Up. Which I’m posting below the main track for your delectation. So they’re out there. Still. I’ve included a live take below too. To show us all what we’ve been missing. When the time comes I want the rock scene to bring Dead Sara back to life. This LA band have got me on the most British topic possible. How about that weather, Man?

“You got the heart without the ache, pretentious thieves have you believe it’s theirs to take, addicted to the love of ourselves”


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