Hello I Love You – The Cure

There is a school of thought that The Doors are one of the original G.O.T.H bands. I can see it. The doominess, The downer sided look at things. The Black leather. We’ve already seen Echo and The Bunnymen pledge their allegiance to the side of the band that has… Something Of The Night About Them. Here come the Daddies of the genre, to seal it with a Kisssss…

If The Cure cover The Doors the debate is over. Goth is goth. The perception is clean, It’s ajar. A jar of cleaning opens the mind. Or… Something! Look! It’s William Blake!

The Cure don’t cover other bands willy nilly (not a phrase I use lightly). Sure there’s that version of Jimi Hendrix on Three Imaginary Boys. We’ve covered this topic (pun fully flippin’ intended). They’re on record having done Thin Lizzy, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (we really must get around to talking about them sometime), David Bowie and *ahem* Gary Glitter. EnnnEeeyWaayyyy.

They did The Doors. They did it bloody well. And they did it without being G.O.T.H at all. They did it as if they were doing Friday I’m In Love or Why Can’t I Be You? If someone told you The Cure were going to do a Doors song you might think Break On Through, Riders On The Storm, Waiting For The Sun (the song, not the whole album, don’t make me explain it again, LOOK! it’s a sore subject alright?) or perhaps blow out with Not To Touch The Earth or The End. I could’ve seen them do Spanish Caravan and romped home with it. But of course, there’s more than one version of The Cure. There’s 70’s austere post punk Cure. There’s early 80’s goth pop punk. There’s late 80’s pop star Cure and then… There’s 1990’s alternative rock god Cure. Hello I love You dates from then. 1990 to be precise.

Rubáiyát: Elektra’s 40th Anniversary was a tribute album to a record label. It’s got a mental line up. Who is going to enjoy both Tracy Chapman doing House Of The Rising Sun and Faster Pussycat doing You’re So Vain? Throw in Pixies doing Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Billy Bragg covering Love. It’s a turgid record I’ve only played a couple of times (my brother bought it, he was obsessed with compilations) but Hello I Love You really works as if it were a Robert Smith composition. It’s one of the Doors catchier poppier moments. So other people have had a go too. Adam Ant, Eurythmics, Runaways mensch Kim Fowley, Jack Black & Boy George, Simple Minds and a long list of bands with names like Missing Persons & The Stupid Set have taken the time to introduce themselves.

None of them bring the kudos The Cure do though. So this is all about their influence on Goth. Of course Patti Smith’s take on The Crystal Ship sounding all witchy poo and sensual is one thing. Siouxie And The Banshees did a version of You’re Lost Little Girl. So that ups the ante considerably. Come on. The Cure covering The Doors. The CureDoors. The DoorsCure.

You, little one, are welcome. Run along.


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