My Town – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (feat. Joe Talbot)

OK. What is it? End of April. Looks like we got ourselves a smash hit. We’ve got this summers first major league contender for 2021’s big festival anthem. Who knew this would be a next step for either band?

After End Of Suffering and Ultramono and a year of lock down and music taking weird twists and turns, this is an exciting side quest. You know this site loves Frank Carter and his Rattlesnakes right? I bang on about Idles all the time too. The two of them in a Godzilla Vs. King Kong of U.K. punk Under Pressure style stand off. Our new Freddie and Zavid have at it. An exciting prospect for sure. I wasn’t expecting techno pop, a bit of a Viagra Boys vibe and a joyous pop chant… why not? It’s bang on form for all involved.

I say joyous. Sonically Frank might sound younger than ever but lyrically it’s all homogeneity and dead ends. Joe pips in with tales of Dog dirt, piss and punched teeth, but it’s a jaunty little number.

Frank’s first band Gallows were raw throat shedding punk. People seldom talk about his middle band Pure Love these days. My Town has got Pure Love written all over it. Big impassioned indie pop. Joe Talbot? Well he and his band filled their last album with collaborations. Since it’s release he’s been popping up on records with everyone from Sharon Van Etten to Larry The Pink Human. So in an age where you can get Architects x Biffy Clyro x Royal Blood all on one shiny new track why not the two kings of shouty passionate driven indie punk?

Why’s this review so full of question marks? This review should really just be confirming affirmative enthusiasm.

Let me start again.

There is a new single by Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes featuring Joe Talbot. It’s called My Town. Would you like to hear it? Oh yes. Yes please. Thank you very much indeed.

5 thoughts on “My Town – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (feat. Joe Talbot)

      1. Fair enough, I don’t know much about it. I just don’t understand tattoos on the face. On an arm or shoulder, sure, you can cover it if need be, but on your face? Uhh, how about no. Especially not if it means something to other people elsewhere, like this probably would. Of course, I don’t have any tattoos myself, so I’m no help. I just can’t think of anything I’d want to write on myself that I’d want there permanently.

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      2. I think permanence takes on more weight the older one gets. Tats are usually the impetuousness of youth (mine are all at least 25 years old) or in face tats an outward rejection of Norms for many I think. Having lived and worked in Alternative Culture most of my adult life I rarely see them as any different to band Ts or haircuts. The permanence never occurs to me


      3. I know it’s just decoration, and some sort of vanity too, and a way to rebel, and in extreme (all over) cases perhaps a bit of body dysmorphia-style psychology. I see others with tattoos and don’t care, they can do as they like. One of our friends’ husband is a tattoo artist, though he’s not working right now, of course. But I always think of the permanence first. I’ll never forget a family friend’s daughtr got the Batman symbol on her ankle when she was very young. Her mother flipped, and told her that when she’s 80 it’s gonna look like a cockroach! LOL.

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